1. Bye Bye Matte, Hello Gloss!

YES, enough of those patchy matte lips! This summer let’s break out of the rut and bring out those luminous bombshell pouts! It won’t only make your lips look more voluminous but attractive as well.

2. Natural Brows Are In

This summer let’s flaunt our natural brows and not draw those customized brow shapes. Brush through your brows and fill in the natural shape with which you’re blessed.

3. Minimal Contour

Yes, please. We all know how 2016 was ALL about a strong contour game. Well, this year let’s just give that a break and go for minimal contouring. After all, less is always more.

4. Keep all that drama for your lashes

Focus on the lashes this season ladies. Get your best mascaras out and go for those voluminous doll like lashes.

5. Coloured liners it is

Let’s skip the old school black liner and go for blues, purples, pinks, teal and emeralds this season.

Good Times


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