Mubashir Khan, one of the long standing, acclaimed hairstylists in our industry, has now opened up his own training academy. When Sana Zehra goes to interview the hair maestro, she observes that his salon is not only tastefully decorated, but also as serene and calm as he is

What made you enter the industry of hairstyling and makeup?

From the very beginning I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to start my career with hair and makeup and take it from there. I hadn’t even had formal training; I slowly started doing makeup first. When Tariq Amin saw me, he suggested I start cutting hair. Then I went for my formal training.

What kind of shampoo and conditioner should we be using?

The job of a shampoo is to cleanse your hair. The moment you start focusing on making your hair silky you start using a stronger product. If your target is softer silkier hair, invest in a good conditioner or a masque. I like Kerastase masques for that. Because the masque is not touching your scalp, that is the right protocol to follow. Use a plain, light weight shampoo and then you use a masque.

What about colour safe shampoo?

That’s a completely different area. Colour safe shampoo is basically sulfate free, meaning it’s free of salt. Salt breaks the colour or the keratin that you may have in your hair. When you use a colour safe shampoo, it prolongs the life of your hair colour.

How often should we wash our hair?

I know people who wash their hair once in 3 weeks and believe me they have the most stunning hair. They only rinse it out in between. I also know people who don’t put anything on their skin, no cleanser no face wash and they have the most beautiful skin. Theory says that washing is essential but practicality wise I’ve seen otherwise. Now, that does not mean you stop washing your hair all of a sudden. Keep your scalp clean that’s my advice.

Are there any treatments that can bring lifeless hair back to life?

Of course! We have Mayo and Mayo plus. When you go to a salon and ask for a protein treatment, they put a masque on and put you under the dryer. That’s not very good for your hair because it affects your hair colour. Your hair will look nice and soft for a day or two max. Our hair mayo is pure protein made from five to six natural ingredients, such as cultured oils, honey and eggs; it’s extremely good for hair fall and dry hair. The results are amazing!

Women have a tendency of oiling their hair and leaving it on for days. Thoughts?

That’s not very good for your hair. Leaving it on for couple of hours is okay but nothing more than that or your pores will get clogged.

There is a huge cry of hair fall in Karachi. What is going on?

You know it’s interesting everyone thinks that change of water causes hair fall. In fact, hair fall is caused by change of climate. It takes about six months for your hair to settle. Some people will lose hair during winter; some will lose it in summer. Nourish your scalp. I might sound like I’m trying to sell my product but Mayo treatments do work.

What’s the best hair style for any face shape?

A ponytail! It’s simple, practical, looks neat and suits everyone unless you are unlucky.

How can you maintain a colour at home?

It is actually a colourist’s job to give you a colour that improves further at home. The nature of colour is such that it will always change no matter what you do. So most people when they pick a colour just think about what will look right at the moment than what it will look like three to four weeks in the future.

Having worked with many famous faces, ex-model Aaminah Haq to this day still remains MubashAr’s favourite

Whose hair you would have loved to work on?

I would have loved to work on Marilyn Monroe’s head of hair. We did a shoot with Aaminah Haq inspired by Marilyn. I think Marilyn had such presence and personality, it would have been awesome.

You’ve worked with so many celebrities, who is your favourite?

I have shot with a lot of celebs and, in my experience; I loved working with Barbara Sharif. She just transforms. Film star Reema has always been naturally beautiful with a lovely personality. But in terms of talent and skills I’ve yet to be impressed by someone like Aaminah Haq. She was the most talented and the most hardworking model I’ve known.

What are the biggest hair care dos and don’ts?

Women abuse their hair when they wash it and then squeeze it after. I can’t even begin to tell you how damaging that is to the hair. Hair is elastic and if you stretch it to its limit then you are damaging it. Back in the day, women used to even beat their hair with a towel after washing it. Women also unravel tangles starting near the scalp instead of the ends.

To get a better understanding of your hair, don’t try to make it listen to you but the other way round.

Beauty trend you think that suits everyone…

Lip gloss

Three products one women should never leave home without.

Lip Colour



Weirdest request ever made by a client?

Having dead straight hair, she wanted to look like Julia Roberts but wouldn’t let me touch a hairdryer.

Our hair mayo is pure protein made from cultured oils, honey and eggs; It’s extremely good for hair fall and dry hair

Worst beauty and hair products?

Waxes are really bad for your hair and I’m not a fan of fake bases.

Lamest beauty trend?

Those long fingernails. Can’t understand.

If you weren’t in this business you would be…

An architect

Three qualities that got you where you are today?


Hard work


Movie with the greatest ending?

The trilogy: Before Sunrise, After Sunset and Before Midnight

Worst pitfall of the job?


Craziest thing you did for love?

I ordered flowers from Switzerland!

Good Times


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