Milk is life. Without milk we humans will not have proper nourishment.

In a recent book titled Drops of the Divine, the entire journey of milk has been portrayed beautifully in photographs shot by two remarkable photographers, Amna Zuberi and Kohi Marri. The journey begins with how to look after the animals in clean and sanitized conditions, provide clean and healthy fodder and nutrients, and ensure proper medical care, so that ultimately the animal is able to deliver best quality milk. The photographers have shot stunning visuals of the animals showing how they are being looked after and conclude with shots of families and children enjoying drinking the delicious milk produced.

The book displays great photographs of natural surroundings of the outdoors; children drinking milk, of cows and buffaloes grazing, healthy animals with hides glowing in the sun, a traditional gowala carrying his stash of milk to his point of delivery on a motorbike to children enjoying a glass of milk at school.

The visuals shot inside some of the dairy production plants are similarly a treat. The industrial shoots always pose a challenge but the young photographers have gone the extra mile in creating visual treats of the spaces inside factories, which look squeaky clean.

Finally, the book is rounded off with some delicious recipes of sweets & desserts and even delicious namkeen lassi.

Pakistan is blessed because we are the fourth largest producer of milk in the world.

Unfortunately, a lot of the milk is wasted and goes bad because those small farmers are not able to provide refrigeration at the source of where milk is produced. Pakistan should try and establish a maximum number of refrigerated collection points of milk, which can be transported in hygienic conditions to milk factories for packaging to be distributed across the length and breadth of the country.

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