Fatima Sheikh discovers crucial tips on applying the perfect tone of foundation from certified makeup artist, Saima Yousaf, owner of SYS salon, Lahore, who has taken makeup courses around the world


Our face needs to be covered with skin coloured foundation to appear flawless.


Saima Yousaf completely differs on this point. She tells us that women here are using the same base tone and shades, like NC-5, or FS-45. They are a little too dark for darker skin and a little too pale for fair skin. The base is a composition of pigments and tone, which we should calculate before applying. The shade and the tone are to be decided before deciding the colour. Some women should acquire pigments that consist of more red, some should acquire more yellow, green, blue and some purple. They are all different from each other and they produce different results, which only experts can fully judge before application. The perfect natural end result is apparent to everyone when it appears undetectable. Simply put a person with yellow skin tone cannot apply a red base colour. Suppose a person has pale skin, if we directly apply a skin foundation on it, the end result will never be smooth and subtle, instead it will give a cakey and cracked effect.

“Makeup is an art, but without blending with the right colours it’s lifeless”

—Saima Yousaf Sheikh

These are magic tips and tricks to apply a smooth base. The difficult areas to apply are under the eyes and around the lips. These are the areas where the skin tone is different. What we have to do is accurately reflect the colour of our skin and according to that apply tones to neutralize the shade. You can mix two different shades. 90 per cent skin is two-toned, which is why different shades are mixed. These colours are called colour correctors that neutralize the tone of our skin and make it ready for applying foundation. Mostly, orange tone is applied underneath the eyes because the skin under the eyes is black or brown. Around the lip area the skin is green blue or purple so mixed shades should be applied to neutralize it. Then, the diversity of the tone should be minimized by blending properly.

The side effects of directly applying foundation can be that the face looks very pink or grey, because when applying light foundation on dark skin, it gradually looks a little grey. Also when you apply the same foundation on your cheeks, under the eyes and around your lips, the cheeks take it well, but slowly the other areas start become grey and look odd.

The correct character tone of colours and pigments is very important according to our skin tone. Only then our foundation will become flawless, won’t show any cracks and give a smooth end result.

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