By Fatima Sheikh 

When we say magic we think of glitter, like Tinkerbell’s fairy dust. Glitter can be applied anywhere be it nails, body, hair, etc. Even men have been experimenting by glittering up their beards. For women, glitter lips is such a hot trend right now.

However, the most popular form of application of glitter makeup is on our eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul and adding a little magic to them can be breathtaking.


Pat McGrath has unbelievable glitter makeup products.  Kim Kardashian as  done up by the makeup guru for the cover of The Violet Files

Smoky eye glitter
Who is not in love with a smoky eyes? Add a touch of glitter and what you get is perfection.

Gold eye glitter
It’s a royal and bold look

Red eye glitter
A very seductive look. It’s fresh and edgy at the same time. Make it dark and dusky.

Peacock eye glitter
This over the top eye makeup will make your day.

Silver eye glitter
Silver is the new gold. The silver eye glitter is the easiest look to carry.

Animal print eye glitter
Not for our everyday events, but it is fierce.

Yellow eye glitter
Add black eyeliner with it and rev up the magic.

Nude eye glitter
Always number one for a minimal makeup effect.

Rainbow eye glitter
Not ideal for a sunny day, but works with a toned down face and outfit to balance it out. A look for the bold and daring

Black eye glitter
Cat eye lovers, this one is for you

White eye glitter
A subtle and snowy look, it will turn you into a snow princess

Pink eye glitter
If you are wearing pastels, then this is the perfect combination. Don’t use too dark a tone of pink, but go for a more subtle baby pink.
Minimal makeup or extravagant cat eyes, glitter can pull off any look and give you a completely mesmerizing look. Don’t be afraid to play with different colours and looks of glittery eye makeup.

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