By Afshan Shafi

Esteemed couturier Fahad Hussayn’s latest collection is a testament to his deep learning and faultless craft. Taking its inspiration from Punjabi folklore, each piece is truly original and needless to say–exquisite. Shot at the Fakir Khana Museum, this editorial will thoroughly enchant your senses

Favourite city?


Favourite designers International?

Christian Lacroix, Gareth Pugh, Valentino

Favourite designers local?

Umar Sayeed

Music on your playlist?

SIA and vintage classical music.

When not working you can be found?


Who would you love to see wearing your clothes?

Cate Blanchett

How do most of your ideas come about?

By delving into the history of the Subcontinent, researching different techniques of indigenous embroidery and travelling.

Favourite quote or motto to live by?

No quote as such, but I believe that artists/designers, etc. should be influenced by their roots and shouldn’t borrow heavily from other countries.

Good Times


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