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Happy 70th Birthday Pakistan!

We have a fun issue for you. People that we know of mostly in their professional capacity allow GT an intimate glimpse into their personal lives as well. To start off this fortnight we spent a day with the stars of Punjab Nahi Jaungi for the cover story. With four big movie stars on hand, the entourage that each of them brought with them, combined with the hair and makeup team, the entire production unit was quite overwhelming in size. A big shout out to designer Ammara Khan and Shammal Qureshi of Toni & Guy for being such consummate professionals and pleasant individuals to deal with! Neither of them had any ego at all. Perhaps due to the excessive heat, the stars ended up telling us about their secret fantasies. It’s interesting to say the least.

Just like our nation, Maria Wasti too was born on 14th August, but of course she’s considerably younger. The actress/producer who believes in liberation for all and works for women’s rights, gender equality and combating social prejudice reveals how she behaves when in love in her interview.

Another sweet and professional woman is Sophia Kasim Kasuri. Sophia lets GT into her personal space and talks about not just how she balances heading Gymboree Pakistan with being a wife and mother, but also her experience of moving to Lahore from Karachi and the kind of holidays she likes to take with her family.

Canadian artist Tyler Tilney has lived a nomadic existence. A Toronto native, he moved around the world before settling, for the moment, in Bangkok. Fearlessly, he channels all his crazy experiences and raw emotional states into abstract, figurative and visceral paintings. Imagine his state of mind when clients come to him and ask to take his paintings home to see if they match their sofas and cushions. It takes all types to make the world.

The recent Fashion Design Council of India Couture Week had unbelievably glamorous fashion. Feast your eyes on the jaw dropping gowns and desi wear all the way from New Delhi in this installment of the Ruway Report. Last but not least, for all the countless Mera Sultan fans, we have the true story of Suleyman The Magnificent and Hurrem Sultan. Not only is it a great love story between a slave girl and a powerful Sultan, a lesson in how to handle a man and how to sweetly get your way, but it’s also teaches us about Ottoman history and the strong link of the Empire with Bosnia. I, for one, never knew why there are still so many Muslims native to the country in the middle of Europe.



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