An essential part of a well dressed woman is her handbag. Bottega Veneta is one such name known for handbags of outstanding elegance and unique craftsmanship. Bottega Veneta (trans. Venetian shop) has had an obsession with its knots since its inception in 1966. But ever wonder what the story behind the classic knot is? Let’s take a closer look at the unique knot clasp and intrecciato design including how it really all started

By Sana Zehra

The design house of Bottega Veneta, known internationally for its quality and artisanship, was founded in north east of Italy in a small-town of Vicenza by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro. The brand has celebrated its golden jubilee—50 years, and is still best known worldwide for its signature design.

“When your own initials are enough”

As the story goes, the unique approach of leather weaving was designed using regular sewing machines originally by Bottega’s artisans. The machines had been designed to sew delicate fabrics but stitching leather required durable machines, which the sewing machine couldn’t handle, resulting in artisans weaving together strands of delicate leather by which they were able to craft pieces with strength and beauty that became a hallmark. Bottega Veneta opened a specialized school in 2006 to train leather craftsmen. Thus, it becomes clear why true craftsmanship and artisans are still the heart and soul of the brand.

We love Bottega for not having an in your face logo and for its classic style, which never goes out of style.

Bottega intrecciato and clasp design is a logo in itself staying true to its brand’s motto, which is: “When your own initials are enough.”

The thin strips of woven leather appear luxurious and simple, but the truth is the basket weave requires hundreds and hours of labour by master craftsmen. Though copied by many designers local and international, the precision and quality is hard to duplicate.

It was a turning point in 2001 when the company was attained by the Gucci group with Tomas Maier heading the creative director of the team in June of the same year. He presented his most critically acclaimed Spring/Summer collection and from there on the fashion house aesthetic design was redefined for a customer who is sophisticated and self-assured.

The new Bottega shoulder bag comes in several styles with the famed knot hardware

Bottega Veneta has ventured into exciting new projects, like fragrance, fine jewellery, watches, furniture, and home accessories while continuing to offer envy-worthy handbags, shoes, eyewear and other leather goods.

Princess charlene carrying a Bottega clutch

The knot is another trademark that is a symbol of Veneta. After joining, Tomas Maier took a look at the old clutch and decided to give it a new look by including the clasp as its main motif and now it’s one of the most recognizable icons of the design  house.

The Women’s Fall 2017 collection introduced the iconic knot to the handbag making it more practical for everyday use and still with plenty of form.The new shoulder bag comes in several styles with the famed knot as a part of the design feature. The Knot is here to stay and one thing is certain: The Knot will never fail to amaze us.

The basket weave requires hundreds and hours of labour by master craftsmen. The Bottega hobo is Cameron Diaz’s arm candy

Nicole Kidman with the iconic clutch

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