Mahlia S. Lone

This issue is chock-a-block with celebs. First up are Mikaal and Saarish in a red hot shoot. Mikaal’s just out of a six year marriage and single again ladies. The two actors share an easy camaraderie and steamed up the camera lens with their chemistry. Yasir Hussain talks about how he lands himself in hot water by joking around and how he has redeemed himself by focusing on his work. Adnan Pardesy gives timeless fashion tips both for men and women. And upcoming singer Aliha tells us how she broke out of her shell after marriage. A natural introvert, she learnt to communicate and open up in her year old marriage, which has made her more confident and ambitious to become a big star.

All who were around in the 80s will remember the buxom South Indian Bollywood star, Sridevi who did many a choreographed number with the likes of Jeetander and Mithun. She left movies to marry filmmaker Boney Kapoor with whom she had two pretty daughters. While the mother’s style left much to be desired bordering on the cheap and garish, the daughters are classy fashionistas who have managed to transform Sridevi into a class act as well. Jhanvi Kapoor is all set to follow her mom’s example and venture into films, hardly surprising, but it’s her unerring style and fashion sense, which has everyone turning heads. This is a girl to watch out for!

With all this and more on all the latest fashions, I give you this issue. Enjoy!

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