Navaid Hussain is a professional certified fitness coach for the past seven years. With an ever growing list of celebrity clients, Navaid certainly knows a thing or two about keeping trim. His highly effective fitness training exercises have led him to become one of Karachi’s most in-demand personal trainers. Highly respected in the fitness industry, he has transformed the lives of many. His targeted Fitness Workouts and Diet Plans have motivated a lot of people under his guidance and expertise to bring a positive change in their lifestyle. Navaid gives Sana Zehra some inside tips on how to lose belly fat with some excellent abdominal moves

Fat gain on the abdomen is one of the biggest problem areas of Pakistanis, which could be due to sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and inadequate sleep. Most people also don’t have the time to go to a gym or a workout studio for their workout with their busy daily schedules. Due to these factors, the majority of people end up gaining fat all around their bodies, especially that stubborn abdominal fat.

So keeping the time constraint in mind, Navaid has planned this workout circuit in a way that people of all ages can do at their own pace. This workout needs minimal space and can be done in your living room or even your bedroom. If followed exactly as designed, the entire circuit can be done in just under 8 minutes.

This circuit consists of 4 exercises, each one to be done for 30 seconds. Once all 4 exercises are done, take a 30 seconds break and then repeat the entire circuit 3 times. All exercises are to be performed lying down using a yoga mat or a carpet underneath. Make sure your body is warmed up before you start with the workout circuit. A suggested warm up is a stationary jog or walking up and down the staircase for a minute. Also, make sure your breathing is in check while attempting each repetition of the exercises.

The first exercise of the circuit is Reaching Oblique Crunches. Contrary to traditional crunches, reach towards your opposite obliques every time you crunch. Make sure to keep the core tight and look straight up towards the ceiling while doing this exercise.

Second exercise of the circuit is Side Plank. Come on to your elbow and your legs in a controlled position, slowly exhaling as you raise your hips up and inhaling as you bring your hips back to the staring position. This will be done for 15 seconds on each side.

Third exercise is the Russian Twists. Keep your back at roughly a 120 degree angle along with your knees slightly bent in front of you. Hold on to your hands together and start moving from side to side making sure to exhale on each side.

Fourth exercise is the Leg Raise Hold. Lie on your back, hands on to the floor and hold your legs up in a way as if you were seated on a chair.

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