Who? Anjum Nida Rahman

Why? This Samsung executive sporting a statement jacket epitomises how to appear polished and well turned out at a high profile work event

Who? Sehyr Saigol

Why? The doyenne of the fashion world is polished in a simple cream jacket. Less is more ladies, look and learn

Who? Musharraf Hai

Why? The managing director of L’Oreal is always a thorough professional yet so much fun. We love women like her who do it all!

Who? Shoaib Malik

Why? Awarded the Most Stylish Sports Personality at the Hum Style Awards 17, the cricketer is dressed to impress in a Scottish tartan jacket

Who? Ayesha omer

Why? The winner of the Most Stylish TV Actress at the Hum Style Awards 17 is wearing a breath-taking princess gown by a Russian fashion designer

Who? Laaleen Sukhera

Why? This journo/author/ communications professional looks elegant in a full length Murtaza Hussain coat with a thankfully bling free Brazilian lace collar framing her face

Good Times


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