The brand FTA is synonymous with fun, flirty tunics with a funky flair. Farah’s unique sense of aesthetics and design have helped her make a name for herself in an extremely competitive bridal and pret industry. The  Karachi designer tells Sana Zehra the trends of this bridal season

What bridal trends can we expect from your label this season?

At the moment, I am fascinated with the amalgamation of classic silhouettes such as farshi ghararas and lengths paired with structured contemporary cuts such as high-low peplum cholis and boxed shirts. They have been infused into our wedding wear and our clients love the look. This collection was all about celebrating the opulence of our saturated heritage and rich traditions. Its bursts of colours that highlight our festivities are brought to life in our AW 2016/17 formals and bridal collection. It focuses on the beauty of tradition whilst using a combination of contemporary and traditional silhouettes.

What was your inspiration for the collection?

We like drawing inspiration from natural beauty and surroundings. We love the natural fauna and flora juxtaposed with classic imperialistic architecture and the power of old world charm. The glamour of bygone eras that reference lecture, the beauty and opulence of our rich culture and heritage are all a great source of inspiration for us as well. The Subcontinent has the most enriching history that we draw upon to for references and inspiration.

I love natural beauty and we source a lot of sketches and drawing from fauna and flora. I love adding shades to petals on a rose or varied stitch to feathers on a bird. I love imperialistic architecture and the old-world charm. One can draw inspiration from everywhere be it a mural in Istanbul or a café in Paris.

What was your favourite outfit ever designed and for whom?

Creating my daughter’s bridal was a long creative and emotional journey for me. I wanted to express so much in that one piece, I really wanted it to be perfect and I needed her to love it with all her heart. When I saw her wear it all together on her wedding day, my heart melted and to me, she couldn’t have looked more perfect. The entire look was very her, it personified her. She loved it, which was the most important.

How do your pieces stand apart?

Our colours, style and prints accentuate essential feminine traits that exemplify beauty and the eastern silhouette. The breezy, cool colours are carefully selected to suit our local climate. The designs are illustrated keeping in mind a woman of every age and background.

I know it sounds cliché but I strongly believe in the power of hard work and originality. We have been really lucky that our clients have appreciated the niche that we are trying to carve for our brand. It has taken us years of persistence to create a brand identity as well as a lot of caution not to digress from our signature looks.

What kind of accessorise would you expect your ideal bride to wear?

I always recommend great attention to detail when picking your bridal jewellery, it should be timeless and should complement the bride. I also strongly recommend all brides to de-stress and go through this journey with gratitude and joy, which in turn creates the most beautiful, glowing brides.


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