Who? Alia Bhatt

Why? She looks adorable in a 50s style dress reminiscent of Dior’s New Look

Who? Shahid Kapoor

Why? The actor carries off a bold houndstooth jacket with panache

Who? Priyanka Chopra

Why? This Hollywood and Bollywood A-lister is soon to be seen as the braidesmaid at the royal Harry-Meghan wedding in London

Who? Ayesha Omar

Why? Pairing a Maheen Karim jacket with a Shehla Chatoor skirt is a tour de force.

Who? Bilal Ashraf

Why? Perfectly polished, he lets his red tie and pocket square do the talking.

Who? Urwa Hocane

Why? Watch for more Zuria Dor ensembles on the red carpet

Good Times


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