Versatile actor, Adnan Siddiqui has worked in the industry for more than three decades. Not only does he have a number of Pakistani record breaking television serials under his belt, but Hollywood and Bollywood projects as well. His newest venture Ghugi has been making waves. Recently Sana Zehra sat down with him for a candid and fun one on one

One social stigma that the society needs to get over with?

I think the pictures that people upload on their social media that can be very condescending. Please stop posting pictures involving grotesque images. It’s something that society definitely needs to get over with.

For some people, your work in Hollywood and Bollywood is hard to digest and they think that that means you are not patriotic. Tell us how much do you love Pakistan?

Whatever I am today is because of my country Pakistan. I proudly carry my Green passport no matter where I go. When I’m working I see myself as an ambassador of my country.

Do you believe in soul mates?

I don’t know what are soul mates to be honest. I guess we become mates first and soul comes second.

Do you think a person can fall in love with two people at the same time?

Yes 100% not one but maybe with many at the same time.

Tamam umer hum nay teray pyar ka intizar kya,

Iis intezar main hum nay kis kis say pyar kya.

(I’ve waited for you all my life, but while I was waiting I have also loved many others.)

When can a person have insecurities?

A person that has insecurities is a weak man. We should accept challenges. When a person starts feeling lesser about himself that results in insecurities.

How should a broken heart be mended?

Say sorry and it will work.

What does love mean to you?

Love at first sight can definitely happen but generally love has five different stages: First you admire someone; second you appreciate them; third you respect then like and you ultimately then fall in love.

Is it ok for people to die in love?

I don’t know but it reminds me of a shayr (poetry).

Baazi itfaal main kaisi ulti seedhi chaalain hain,

Ho jeetnay wala sharminda aur harnay wala naaz karay,

Yeh maarka ulfat hay yahan juz fateh shikast mumkin nahin,

Jeeta jo bachay khud fakhar karay Mar jaye tu dunya naaz karay.


(Love is like a war. If you succeed at it, you are happy, but if you are not successful at attaining happily ever after with your beloved then the whole world will remember you, for example Shireen Farhad, Heer Ranjha, Romeo Juliet, etc.

What is the formula to survive in this media?

Work hard and please no shortcuts.

You think our industry is pretentious?

Artificial for sure. But that’s just the nature of this industry.

Actress Kubra Khan is currently reading a book why men love bitches. Do you think that title is really true?

I love it! Kubra when you finish it please let me know.

Name one good Lollywood movie.

I don’t know what is meant by good but I’m really looking forward to the movie Cake. Let’s see if it has the kick.

You think you are having the best time of your life right now?

My life has always been good and I’ve always had the best time of my life. I live in moments I don’t plan for future. I go with the flow.

Name one production house or director that you would never work again?

Way too many to name.

Why is that? What happened?

I didn’t enjoy working with them.

We all talk about women’s equality and women’s bill of rights but no one ever talks about men’s bill of rights? What would you like to say about that?

Sadda hak idhay rak lol. (Our rights also)

Let’s talk about your serial Ghugi. Tell us about that.

First, I’d just like to correct its pronunciation some people are calling it giggi, some are calling it gooogi but its actually pronounced as ghu-gi. In Punjabi, Ghugi means dove.

Then, I want to say that we have worked extremely hard on this. We have given 7-8 months to this project and I really hope audience likes it.

If you could get a chance to work in an old remake of Pakistani film, which film would you work in?

Armaan and Aaina both have my favourite heroes and the songs are amazing.

Who is your celebrity crush?

There is not one but many.

What are the three things most important in women?

She should look pretty, she should be feminine and third she should be good at heart.

Would you ever like to work with your wife?

I act everyday with her. No need to make it official. (Laughs)

Have you ever clicked with someone you met and did it ever change your life?

You know clicking with someone can happen at anytime with anyone. But just enjoy that moment and live with no regrets.

Crazy fan moment?

When Uroosa came out back in ‘91, there was this lady who used to call me every day. Back in those days we used to have analog phones. I used to keep it off the hook and you pick it up from the other line and still hear her talking. It was insane and it’s still continuing. I really hope this fan gets married soon!

If you could pick a superhero in Pakistan who would it be?

Amir Liaquat!

Comfort food?

Anything really


During recording what is one thing you must have?

My flute

One song you play back to back all the time?

Meray bheegi badan ki kushboo say.

What do you do on your day off?


Star struck moment?

Meeting Hillary Swank

Favourite ice-cream flavour?


Favourite dance move? I’ve seen you dancing Adnan, so you can’t say no.

I’m going to save my life and say no this time!

One very odd place where a fan has asked you take a picture?

Was invited to her house unfortunately I couldn’t go.

Favourite quote?

My father said this to me once and the gist of it is that no time ever remains the same it keeps changing and it goes something like this:

Urooj e bakht Mubarak

Magar dhiyan rahe inhi dino k ta-aqub mein hai zawal k din…

(Every peak has its trough. Accept it with grace.)

Bizarre rumour you heard about yourself?

I’ve worked with so many female leads and they all tell me we’ve been told to watch out for Adnan and it’s apparently my male friends who tell them that. Why? I have no idea!

How many times have your heart been broken?

It’s a heart not a glass. So no hasn’t been broken.

One thing that gives you great satisfaction?

This whole journey has been extremely satisfying for me.

Any message to your Instagram followers?

Enjoy my feed. Also, would like to tell my readers that recently I did a reality show. I was a bit stern to a few of the girls. But it was a part of my job. They should think of it as a training. For example, when you train people in the army you have to be tough it’s the same idea. This industry is tough and we were a part of their grooming process.

Describe yourself in three words.

Aaah! Well, I am Adnan, a virgin at heart and pray that things just keep working out for me.

Most fashionable celebrity?

Sahir Lodhi!

If you were unmarried, who would you like to take out on a date?

I still have no problem asking anyone out on a date (laughs) but really anyone available.

What is one thing you would like to see again from your childhood?

My childhood

If you were a female actress, which male actor would you take out on date?

If I were female, all men would be really happy (laughs). I would date Humayun Saeed, Aijaz Aslam, Hamza Abbasi, Faysal Qureshi, Bilal Ashraf, Imran Abbas, Ali Rehman. All of them would be really happy but would be fighting over me all the time too.

Extrovert or introvert?


Heartbreaker or rule breaker?


Beauty or brains?


If not in the TV industry what would you do?

I’d be working in an advertising agency.

Any messages?

Love, peace and stop judging!

In one word


Largest film industry


It’s Lolly and its wood no match at all!

Lately I’ve been seeing a boom in the industry and I have seen good movies and really bad movies no middle movies as of yet.

TV industry?

It’s always been great and we work best when we don’t copy.


React in one word to the following:


Very great


Don’t know never received one

On screen romance?

I enjoy it

Being human?



If you were to give another name to these actors what would it be?

Bilal Ashraf?


Armeena Khan?


Sana Bucha?

The Designer


True or false

Beautiful girls are the angriest?


Best news you’ve ever received?

“It’s a girl!” anncouncingMariam my first born.

Lamest thing you’ve ever done?

Cheating in my SSC exam.

Any regrets?


Handwritten or email?


Text or in person?

In person

Comedy or drama?



Amar Khan has showbiz in her blood, her maternal grandfather was a filmmaker in the early 60s and her mother Fareeha Jabeen is a veteran actress of the TV industry. Smart, witty and extremely intelligent, Amar is a film graduate from Beaconhouse National University (BNU), Lahore, and has also taken a diploma course in filmmaking from New York.

Currently her serials Ghugi and Belapur Ki Dayan are on air and getting rave reviews from critics. Recently Sana Zehra sits sat with her to talk life

How has Ghugi changed you?

I don’t think there is any major change but there is definitely a paradigm shift. When I appear on media to promote my shows now, people recognize me.

What insults your intelligence?

If you are giving too much creative input and someone just slams that.

Ever falsely accused of something?

Being jealous of another woman.

What do you think people say behind your back?

Hopefully good things

First thing that comes to mind when you think the word fun?


Name one commonly held belief you find offensive?


Most embarrassing thing you’ve seen someone else do?

Getting drunk at a party and then ripping their shirt off.

Fantasy celebrity boyfriend?

Ranbir Kapoor

What song comes to your mind now!

(She sings.) Jeena isi ka naam hay

Men got the hots for you because…

Think you should ask them. (Giggles)

Most intense dream?

Becoming a huge movie star and holding an Oscar. Over confidence at its peak!

One thing you’d like to change about yourself?

I’d like to change my hair. I’m very particular about it. I’d like to experiment more with styles.

Who in the TV frat needs a stylist?

I’d rather zip my lips!


Zara Noor Abbas


A lot of female actresses at times get psychotic so yeah we definitely need one.

Movie that made you laugh the hardest?


That made you cry?

The Pursuit of Happiness

One fear you’d like to overcome?

Fear of heights.

Most common mispronunciation of your name?

It’s Amar like in Amar Akbar Anthony. People have called me Ambreen, Amer and Samar.

Best pinch me moment?

Don’t remember

Style icon?

Priyanka Chopra

What did you learn from your previous relationship?

To move on much faster

If you were to describe your previous relationship in a song?

Jo hay sama kal ho na ho

(The atmosphere today may not be tomorrow.)

Are you good at any sports?

Badminton and yoga

Best late-night spot in Karachi?


One thing that amazes you?

Intellect and wit

Pleasing people or speaking the truth?

Speaking the truth always!

Which is better short term or long-term memory?

Long term

Name one person in the TV frat who you think be would be a good person in your survival if you were to be stuck on an island?

Adnan Siddiqui promoting Ghugi all the way shamelessly! (Giggles)

What does GT mean to you?

Good times!!!

Ambitious Amar’s short films have been showcased at the Delhi International Film Festival and at the Children’s International Film Festival. I, addition, her film titled Black Wednesday based on the Peshawar APS attack got selected for the American Film Showcase. She made her  acting debut with Ahsan Khan in the telefilm Chashme Num that was written by her, and premiered at the Korean Film Festival

Kill or marry?

Ahad Raza Mir?

 Kill, if he marries somebody else (Laughs)

Feroze Khan?


Adnan Siddiqui?

Kill, I’ve already married him in two serials so please no more!


One word for:

Adnan Siddiqui?


Ahsan Khan?



Interview & coordination: Sana Zehra

Photography: Arsalan Bilgrami of a. bilgrami studio

Hair & makeup of Amar Khan: Studio Z Karachi

Grooming of Adnan Siddiqui: Rashid Salon

Clothing: Splash Pakistan

Location: Courtesy of Mocca Karachi

Good Times


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