By Mahlia Lone

The recent success of the inaugural edition of the Lahore Biennale Foundation (LBF) made the city of Lahore shine and its citizens feel proud and happy. The art work was exhibited at seven historic venues at the Shehr-o-Funn (city of crafts).

One of the main aims of the Biennale is to promote and exhibit art in a way that makes it accessible to the public at large and not just a select group. It was heartening to see that people from all walks of life attended this event and curiously appreciated the art works on display, for example the breathtaking and awe-inspiring site-specific contemporary art installations. Qudsia Rahim, director of LBF, explained: “Some of these engage with the idea of nature, others work with Lahore’s layered history and diverse geography, while others allow chances for us to take control of our own narratives.”

We look forward to its next edition after two years. Bravo team LBF!

Shahzia Sikander’s audio-video installation Disruption as Rapture with voice over provided by Ali Sethi, at the Summer Palace, Lahore Fort. Photography Atif Saeed

Imran Qureshi at work on his new series of paintings made especially for the Lahore Biennale 01. Photography Hammad Gilani

Imran Qureshi’s breath-takingly beautiful  site-specific fibre optic installation Idea of Landscape, highlighting the artificiality of the landscape now, at the Summer Palace. Photography Atif Saeed

Aisha Khalid meticulously used hundreds of thousands of commom pins to produce the carpet titled More Beautiful for Having Been Broken displayed at the Shahi Hammam. Photography Atif Saeed

Noor Ali Chagani’s Brick Installation dealing with the immense pressure on a man to build a house and provide the income to run it for his family, at Bagh-e-Jinnah. Photography Usman Saqib Zuberi

Bani Abidi’s Memorial to Lost Words displayed at the Lahore Museum. Photography Atif Saeed

Aisha Khalid’s mirrored  installation effectively and effortlessly shows what the Shahi Hammam must have looked like when it was functioning

Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi’s Roz o Shab 2018, neon light installation, at the Summer Palace. Photography Usman Saqib Zuberi

Qudsia Rahim, director of LBF

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