Saeeda Imtiaz grew up in Long Island, New York where she got a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Stony Brook University. Though a confident, outgoing girl, never imagined she’d get a chance in the Pakistani film industry. Saeeda got her break portraying no less than Jemima Khan in Kaptaan (2012), the yet to be released film based on Imran Khan’s life. Mostly recently, she stars in the Jawed Sheikh directed and produced revenge thriller Wajood. Saeeda’s latest ambition is to start an NGO and join politics, which she divulges to Sana Zehra

For the movie Kaptaan you spent some time with Imran Khan. What did you learn about him?

He is very health conscious. When we went to Bani Gala, I still remember we had been sitting, conversing for a while; he suddenly stood up and started exercising. That’s great because he is aged 65+. It’s good to stay active.

What is that one thing that you think will fail social media?

I think for it to really fail, it needs to be banned. Just like how it happened with YouTube when it got banned and no one could use it. Unless that happens, social media will stay powerful and nothing will fail it.

Which charity is very close to your heart and why?

I admire two personalities in my life Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Mother Teresa.

Recently I did a social campaign with a political party that I plan to join. I feel like there is no empathy left in us. I’m a very sensitive soul and it’s hard for me to see someone struggle. If we all start caring, we will be a very successful nation.

Celebrities nowadays are openly discussing serious issues. Stars like yourself are a role model for their younger fans who look up to them. What real change do you plan on making in people’s lives?

I hope that my work can give people courage. I’ve been doing social work lately and plan on joining politics. My hope is to hear people out and help them as much as I can.

Saeeda said at Bani Gala during their conversation, Imran Khan suddenly stood up and started exercising

Who have you taken the most retakes with?

Oh gosh! (Haha)

It was with Danish Taimoor while filming Wajood. And it happened twice that we had to do retakes repeatedly. I was injured at that time and had a muscle pull so I had to do a dance sequence 16-17 times. Danish was extremely patient about it and Jawed Sheikh as well was very calm and understanding.

How can one get your attention?

I’m a very friendly person. If anyone comes up to me, I would like them to talk to me. I like mingling a lot so I’ve never had an issue to converse freely. Most of the time I am in a good mood.

You were a Psychology major at SUNY Stony Brook. What is that one thing you learned studying the subject?

Empathy. Putting yourself in others shoes and thinking before speaking can make a huge difference.

Have you ever felt like you were taken for granted?

Many times. People who are sensitive to others are always taken for granted. I’m a very caring person like I said before and I see innocence in everyone. I actually don’t like that because you see goodness in others and you forget to see who they really are.

Most embarrassing comment ever made?

How my parents have disowned me. I just heard this from someone and it’s not at all even true. It’s more shocking than embarrassing.

What is that one role you feel like you will never ever take?

Actresses that have to do a lot of cheap titillation and overacting. I can never do that.

One actor you’d really like to work with?

Oh, there are lots of actors I would like to work with. I think Salman Khan in Bollywood. In Pakistan, I would love to work with Humayun Saeed and Fahad Mustafa.

Out of these three which role would you like to play?

Reema in Munda Bigra Jaye, Mahira in Raees or Mehwish Hayat in Punjab Nahin Jaungi?

Honestly, I haven’t seen any of these three movies, but if I were to pick one I would like to play Mehwish Hayat’s role. The reason for this is that I love traditional outfits and so far I haven’t done any projects that have a traditional Punjabi touch to them.

The actress is coy about which political party she is joining

Rapid Fire

Your career in one word?

I’m passionate about it.

One word for fillers?

I don’t know; I guess it’s a good thing to get them.

What gives your life meaning?

A smile on my mother’s face

Who do you stalk on social media?

So many people!

Texting or talking?

Calling because I hate texting, I hate Watsapping. I’m not the sort to sit and chitchat.

Fill in the blank

Danish Taimoor is so kind.

Jawed Sheikh is down-to-earth.

Who has it easier men or women?


If you were to give a vote for best actress who’d you give it to?

I like Zeba Bakhtiar. I think she’s a very natural actor so I think her.

Favourite actor?

I recently watched Bilal Ashraf’s movie Janaan and I think he did a really good job. Definitely him!

If you were to give your co-star a piece of advice what would it be?

To Danish Taimoor: How come I’ve never met your children?

Define love in three words?




Most googled questions about Saeeda?

Saeeda Imtiaz’s husband is?

Oh lord, this is the first time I’m actually hearing this! This is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t have a husband. I was never married and when I will everyone will know.

Saeeda Imtiaz’s age?

That’s another question that people are very curious and keen to know but you should never ask a girl her age.

Is Saeeda Imtiaz related to Imran Khan?

I’m not related to him, but I’ve done a film based on Jemima Khan so we’ve met. We’re not related, I’m a Kashmiri-Punjabi and he’s a Pathan.

Saeeda really wants to work with Bollywood star Salman Khan

Ms. Imtiaz swears never to do cheap titillation or  overact

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