Who doesn’t want a peek into the lives of the rich and famous? This fortnight GT provides you with exclusive insider access to coveted TV anchor and actress Sana Bucha‘s personal space and style. Her modern aesthetic encapsulates the spirit of the chic and timeless elements in her wardrobe and around her home. Sana Zehra talks to her about her favourite pieces

Tell us about the pieces you love most in your wardrobe.

I love classic pieces, so you’ll find a lot of crisp white shirts and timeless blue denim in my wardrobe. This is always my go-to outfit. I enjoy adding pops of colour around my neck, so statement jewellery is another element that stands out amongst my collection. My Hermès boots and scarf are also two favourites that never fail me.

Which pieces in your home do you treasure most and why?

I love surrounding myself with art. It transcends time and adds character to your home like no other. Thus, the two pieces that I treasure most would have to be Italian sculptures titled “La Paloma” and “The Moses by Michelangelo.” I am drawn to history preserved through various forms of art and love that pieces like these allow us to be part of a story.

Since you’re an admirer of all things beautiful, self-care must be important to you. Do you have a favourite night cream? If yes, how did you discover it?

I swear by Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask. It’s an absolutely wonderful product that hydrates and recharges fatigued skin overnight. How I discovered it is an interesting story. I once happened to notice how radiant the skin of an air hostess was and when I asked her the secret, she generously introduced me to this this gel mask.

Favourite scent?

Oud Ispahan. I like a fragrance that is unapologetic and makes a statement.

I notice a lot of pieces from Versace around your house. You must be a fan!

I do like how the design house crafts its furniture but the fact that you see so much of it around me wasn’t intentional. I just happened to walk into the store spontaneously and ended up buying a ton of pieces that caught my attention.

What do you think about when selecting a piece for your space?

There isn’t an elaborate thought process behind any purchase to be honest. I just buy whatever intrigues me and then try to fit it into my house. One thing that I’m obsesed with, though, are cushions in bold, beautiful colours. I love how they breathe life into an otherwise dull space.

Are there any beauty products or brands that you can’t let go of?

I’m a huge fan of the Zero Makeup palette by Nabila. Apart from that, I’m hooked to my Lancôme lip balm.

According to you, what are the essential wardrobe staples every woman must have?

A basic black or white shirt, blue jeans and pumps in a neutral colour. These are versatile pieces that are always in fashion and easy to style. You can dress them up or down depending on how formal the occasion is.

Is there a recent purchase you regret?

I hardly regret buying anything

Best buys so far?

My Hermès Berline. It’s been part of my life through thick and thin and stood the test of time like a true friend. Yes, bags can there for you!

What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

My diamonds, of course. A close second are my bags but I’m going to refrain from naming them because if my father finds out, I may get into trouble!

You’re known to be a great hostess. With such a busy schedule, how do you manage to throw these fun gatherings?

I think it has more to do with the lovely friends and family who attend these gatherings and make them special. Also, I think the open space my house has makes for an ideal location for large celebrations, while the tiny spots allow room for more private ones. In that sense, its easy to host events of various scales.

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