Let’s go back to the beginning. How did you both meet?

We met ten years ago at a party and it’s been a joyride ever since. We’re best friends united by music and it’s our aim to spread love and happiness through it.

What kindled your passion for music?

Victorien: It’s a long story. I began performing and mixing music at the age of eight for my parents because they’re fond of it. Gradually, I began playing for larger audiences at private parties. It was then that I met Florent and together we hosted bigger events.

Tell us about your collaborative work.

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We’ve worked with people from Chicago, Cape Town and France and now plan to team up with Pakistani musicians. We’ve performed a transition with ten artists where we merged traditional Pakistani folk songs with house music. So far it’s been well-received.

How do you define your music?

In our DJ sets, we transition from melodic, ethnic to more powerful house music while keeping the tunes light. By the end of our performance, everyone is in full swing and our job is done.

Which music genres are you most drawn to?

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Florant: Techno, French rap and pop.

Victorien: It’s a broad variation of folk and funk. I listen to a lot of tribal music from Africa too. I feel it’s important as producers to open ourselves to a wide variety of musical genres.

What instruments do you like to play?

We engage with many musicians who play different instruments. They bring their own creative energy to the table. We really enjoy the guitar, piano and brass instruments.

Are you planning new music?

We have remixes and a few original songs that we plan to release soon. We’re also remastering and re-releasing our old track ‘Pale Sun Rose,’ a project we’re very excited about. It was the first song that got us international recognition.

How do you cope with blunders on stage?

Mistakes are a part of life and we need to learn from them. It’s less about mixing and more about the vibe we create in bringing people together. As long as the vibe is there, mistakes don’t matter.

As a duo, it must be difficult to reach a decision, especially considering you have slightly different musical inclinations. How do you reconcile?

Good question! We learn to surrender and trust each other’s judgement Worst-case scenario: we will call our manager to sort things out.

Were your families supportive of your decision to pursue this line of work?

Florent: Not initially. My family was sceptical of me playing music for a living during my early days but they’re very happy for me now.  Victorien: They were supportive of my career choice, but were concerned about me attaining success.

How do you strike a balance between work and personal life?

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We’re doing our best. Music is our passion, so for us, it doesn’t feel like work. However, we make sure to spend time with family and friends while on tour breaks.

How was your experience performing in Pakistan?

Florent: This is my first visit here, so I was excited to see how the local audience would respond to our music. Many Pakistanis are familair with us, but it was time for us to get to know Pakistan.

Victorien: We love Pakistan. I visited in November for a private event as well and everybody welcomed me with warmth and kindness. It was special.

What advice would you give to aspiring music producers?

The best advice is to always follow your heart. Being a DJ is not about simply playing or producing music. It’s managing finances, marketing and communication. If your passion is strong enough and you want to pursue music, do it. You need to be ready to take risks and remember that even if you fail, at least you tried.

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