A lot goes into making a house a home. Daniya Q, mother of two and founder of Elite Fashion, worked painstakingly with architect Salman Jawed of Coalesce Design Studio to construct a space that’s contemporary, functional and innovative in its design. Sana Zehra finds out more

Was there a specific theme you had in mind while designing your house?
I always thought about having a home with a contemporary feel. Being able to have a space that’s simple and comfortable for my family was the idea behind our house.

Who was the architect and who did the interior?
Salman Jawed was our architect. Our discussions with him ensured us that he would deliver a masterpiece. Each and every area was taken under consideration, including minute details such as privacy for the family if someone is entertaining guests. The interior was done by Samia Khan.

What part about setting up your space did you enjoy the most?
I loved doing the basement. Having a complete view of trees was important to me and something I’ve enjoyed creating thoroughly.

What’s the best compliment your house has received?
Most compliments centre around how spacious and well-lit our house is and in spite of an open plan construction, the place has complete privacy. This last bit was definitely a challenge.

Which room in your house do you spend the most time in and why?
The ground floor around the kitchen area is where most of my time is spent. This area is the heart of the house and is easily accessible.

How often do you entertain?
Every now and then. We’ve hosted multiple brunches, lunches and dinners.

Describe a perfect day in your house?
A perfect day is spent watching my girls dance around the house.

What do you think makes a happy home?
Everyone in the family having their own space and enjoying it would make any home happy.

You have a lot of bright rugs in every room. Do you enjoy collecting them?
Yes. The house has lots of natural light and I knew bright rugs would add character and give a more curated feel.

Photography: Ahmed Shajee

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