Nasir Zaka met Abdur Rehman at a singing competition. After the two linked up, Nasir spent a week with Abdur Rehman working on his technique and honing his skill. Thereafter, Nasir introduced Abdur to his band ‘Crackdown’ and it is at this point that they came together and formed a new band — ‘AUJ’.

Auj comprises of Nasir Zaka, Syed Hasnain Ali, Muhammad Kashif, and Abdur Rehman Sajid. The word “Auj” means the epitome of height – it is the limit of all feelings and senses – and as there isn’t any quantifiable limit to them, that is what music means to the band members of Auj. It is clear how dedicated they have been in their decade long journey by the fact that the members had to sell off most of their equipment to pay for the studio recording of their first original song, “Lafz” back in 2009.

After performing numerous original songs in Pepsi BoB, and ultimately winning the contest, Auj has been reaching new heights in their journey. Pepsi BoB has helped them amass a huge fan following and has indeed made them the new rock giant on the horizon of the Pakistani music landscape. Auj is currently recording their original album and shooting a music video, all with Pepsi BoB as a pillar support.

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