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How would you describe your signature bridal look? 

My signature bridal look features natural looking and fresh, yet contoured skin with soft bronze eyes, a smokey eye liner and mixture of soft peach, brown and nude lips.

Which bridal makeup trends are you loving the most this season? 

Dewy skin and natural lashes.

Are there any makeup trends you’d like to see brides leave behind? 

Heavy lashes, caked faces and red lips. It’s 2019, time for a change girls.

What are your secrets for gorgeous skin makeup? 

Less is definitely more. Keep a light hand on foundation and concealer. Most importantly, focus more on skin care rather than cosmetics.

Do you have any staple makeup/hair products to use?

I have so many. I absolutely can’t live without my beauty blenders and concealers by NARS. They’re sheer, yet cover all imperfections. I also love the Shade + Light Contour Palette by Kat Von D  — can’t imagine finishing any makeup look without it.

What’s the most requested look brides come to you with? 

I’m known for my bronze eyes, so that’s the most requested bridal look at my studio. Some also ask for gold glitter eyes. I’d say about 90% of my clients come to me for my signature traditional baraat makeup.

What piece of advice would you give to brides as they prepare for their wedding day?

Please focus on your skin. The more you invest in skincare, the better your makeup will look. Drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated really does help more than most of us realise. Also, moisturise regardless of your skin type. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin, especially on the lips and get extractions from a professional, once a month, to remove whiteheads and blackheads for that smooth finish.  Lastly, relax and get adequate sleep.


How would you describe your signature bridal look? 

Every bride wants to look and feel beautiful on their big day. I always focus on enhancing their best features, keeping their likes, dislikes and preferences in mind. I don’t impose what I like on clients, instead I optimise what the client wants and make it as eye-popping and fabulous as possible.

Which bridal makeup trends are you loving the most this season? 

I’m seeing a growing trend for subtle looks and less makeup. No blinding highlights and no foundations three shades lighter.

Are there any makeup trends you’d like to see brides leave behind? 

Three tone lighter, caked up foundation that cracks when you smile and a prominent white eye pencil in the water line. Our beauty industry has evolved a lot in the last five years, with trends changing dramatically. Modern brides want to look like the best version of themselves, instead of a completely different person. There’s a much greater emphasis on natural makeup and a desire to look more beautiful in person, not just in photographs.

What are your secrets for gorgeous skin makeup? 

Skin preparation is the key to beautiful glowing skin. Always moisturise before applying foundation. This is one of the most important steps.

Do you have any staple makeup products to use?

I’m a huge fan of the highlighters by Becca and Illuminating Bronzing Powders by Bobbi Brown.

What’s the most requested look brides come to you with? 

Sabyasachi fever has drastically changed bridal hair and makeup trends. As a result, many designers have been styling their campaigns in a similar fashion. A lot of brides now want the same subtle and understated look.

What piece of advice would you give to brides as they prepare for their wedding day?

Moisturise skin as much as you can and wear sunscreen religiously. Staying hydrated and getting at least eight hours of sleep every day is just as important. Avoid excessive makeup, keep the face clean and let your skin breathe.


How would you describe your signature bridal look? 

I like very neutral looks. I enjoy playing around with the eyes, but since most of my clients don’t like a lot of makeup, I avoid it. I don’t believe in caking up the face or using too much powder.

Which bridal makeup trends are you loving the most this season? 

I love the sleek hair look. I think it’s very classy and modern.

Are there any makeup trends you’d like to see brides leave behind? 

Yes — hair bigger than the bride’s head.

What are your secrets for gorgeous skin makeup? 

I take my time to prep the skin before applying foundation. You shouldn’t rush it.

Do you have any staple makeup/hair products to use?

Not really. I keep switching my products. The only one product I always use though, is the Porefessional primer by Benefit.

What’s the most requested look brides come to you with? 

Sleek hair. I feel whenever someone wants the sleek hair look, they come to me. Also, brides who don’t like a lot of makeup opt for me.

What piece of advice would you give to brides as they prepare for their wedding day?

Please get sufficient sleep so you don’t end up with dark circles and eat clean to avoid pimples. Also, drink lots and lots of water.

Stressing out is natural, but don’t let it get to a point where you don’t enjoy your wedding. Focus on having fun — it’s your big day!

Text by Mehek Raza Rizvi
Coordination by Sana Zehra

Mohsin Saeed has a heartfelt conversation with the Tekken World Champion and first Red Bull athlete from Pakistan, about his harrowing journey to EVO Japan 2019 and overcoming borders and legends.

Describe how you felt after becoming the Evo 2019 Tekken champ?

It was a very emotional moment for me. I always had faith that I could win at the world’s biggest stage, but when it happened I was at loss for words. It was overwhelming as I had a flashback of my whole journey. I felt like I’ve finally achieved something great. Winning two EVOs in the same year is no small feat.

What do you think about the professional esports scene in Pakistan?

I feel my success has brought Pakistan under the spotlight. Our country was an unknown territory in terms of gaming, but now a lot of local players are getting sponsorships to go abroad.

Which other video games do you like to play?

Many people don’t know this, but before switching to Tekken, I was a national champion of The King of Fighters (KOF) XIII. I also enjoy playing Hearthstone, it’s a card game played on mobile.

How does it feel to be the first-ever Red Bull athlete from Pakistan?

Red Bull athletes are a group of the most elite athletes from around the world, so it was always my dream to become one. More importantly though, I’m happy because Pakistan is getting representation at such a high level.

What do you plan to accomplish next as a Red Bull athlete?

I’m looking forward to the Tekken World Tour Finals scheduled for December. I wish to continue my winning streak because it’ll make me the first player in the world to win two EVOs and a world championship in the same year.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge you faced in your journey so far?

I’ve never had it easy. There were countless obstacles, but the most challenging and frustrating one was getting a visa for EVO Japan. It’s very unfortunate that despite having talent, many Pakistani players don’t get sponsorship or a visa. However, in retrospect, I feel such hindrances only increased my drive to win.

What message would you give to aspiring gamers in Pakistan who wish to pursue professional esports?

Confidence is the key to success. Never be afraid of taking risks if you believe you have talent. When I took up gaming as a profession I had to put a lot on stake, but I didn’t let my fears stop me from dreaming big.

For the modern-chic bride who prefers going the minimal route — bid adieu to boring and undistinguished looks, as the era of experimental silhouettes, distinct styling and vivid colours is here


Designer: Hira Ali Studios

Photography: Zahra Sarfaraz at Centaur One

Makeup: Toni & Guy

Models: Meher Janjua, Anushka Qizilbash & Sania Ahmed

Location: Gaddafi Open Air Theatre

Art Direction: Aniqa Fatima

Styling: Maryam Raja

Jewellery: Hayalutfullah, Jewelicious & Traditional Jewellery

Buckle up folks! It’s winter in Pakistan and that means you’ll all soon be drowning in wedding invitations (if you aren’t already). Although weddings now take place throughout the year, the winter season still maintains a firm grip on festivities. The cooler temperatures allow us all to be decked out in our finest, without having to worry about sweating to death while we wait for the tedium of an event to be over. I for one quite enjoy winter weddings, as they give me the chance to don some of the most beautiful shawls that I’ve appropriated from my dear grandmother. But how many of us can honestly say that we enjoy these elaborate affairs?

Attending weddings has become a chore, one that many continue to crib about as they sit in a corner eating a piece of naan, waiting to go home. Obviously, when it’s the ceremony of a close friend or family member it’s a wholly different feeling. Depending on how close you are to the bride or groom you want to make their special day (days I should say) near-perfect for them; but when it’s just an acquaintance, the long-winded affairs can become quite monotonous. With events getting grander and bigger in scale every year, I’ve compiled a list of wedding “don’ts” that can help  hosts organise a more palatable event for the several hundred guests they’ll be inviting.

  1. #saynotothehashtag

Let’s face it, most of you have private accounts and having a trending hashtag wedding is just not possible, unless you’re a major influencer or person of note (or if you have a bunch of blogger friends). But forcing your friends to constantly use a hashtag that at best sounds like a bad coupon code is not cool anymore. If you’re using the hashtag to scroll through social media to see what other people posted about your wedding, then why bother hiring professional photographers who’re going to document every.single.thing. Do away with the hashtag — period.

  1. Lower the OTT factor

Personally I believe weddings are supposed to be an intimate affair where all those in attendance can feel included and enjoy being there for the bride and groom (or the aunt who invited them because it would have been a social faux pas not to). The sheer scale of weddings, where walking from the dance floor to the food area is a chore in itself, should be done away with for good. Talk to your event planner and come up with something cosy. Also, let’s definitely do away with the theatrics — you certainly do not need to enter inside a cake or create a fake river on which you and your hubby will glide in on a fake boat!

  1. Wedding Invite (Yes),

Itinerary (No)

Talking about over-the-top weddings, please bear in mind that you’re not the only ones getting married. While you should definitely enjoy your special week, there’s no need to force half the city to be there with you at every turn. Your friends and loved ones will obviously show up to the 12-day extravaganza you’ve curated for them, but face facts, they won’t be happy about it. Combine events wherever you can, especially when the purpose of several events overlaps. Inconveniencing your guests by making them run around trying to find twelve different outfits they’ve not worn before is not nice at all.

  1. Dictatorial DPs

Dance practices are an essential part of any wedding, no doubt about that. But they’re a chance for you to have fun with your loved ones, not to boss people around in the hopes of winning a “competition.” Also, if it is a competition, what are you winning? Oops, did I just give another bad idea?

Many brides and grooms turn into absolute crazed individuals, yelling at the top of their voices, frantically messaging in WhatsApp groups, marking attendance and forcing people into the most contrived dances ever. Almost everyone who shows up to a dance practice is there because they want to have fun. Don’t take that away from them and make them resent you.

  1. Sponsored Wardrobes

This one is mostly for my colleagues in the media industry. A lot of us have access to designer wear that we can borrow for attending weddings — and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, don’t be disingenuous and pretend you own all the heirloom pieces that were created in Pakistan. Let your followers know that you’re showcasing a designer’s outfit; many laypeople around me assume that designer wear is the only way to go for weddings and many of your followers probably feel inadequate that they can’t wear such inaccessible outfits to every occasion. Honesty is most definitely the best policy.

These are just some of the thoughts that come to me as soon as the first wedding invitation is dropped off. I’m not against you having fun and celebrating your big day with as much dhoom-dhaam as you want, but please remember to include others as well. Don’t make your big day a burden on others. If you have any further suggestions, please drop me a line on my Twitter or DM us on our Instagram.

Some stray observations:

l               Dowry is still a big no-no

l               Limited prepared dances please, we all want to dance as well

l               Epilepsy inducing lights on the dance floor should be banned

l               Thank all your friends for participating

l               Remember to have fun yourself!

Nasir Zaka met Abdur Rehman at a singing competition. After the two linked up, Nasir spent a week with Abdur Rehman working on his technique and honing his skill. Thereafter, Nasir introduced Abdur to his band ‘Crackdown’ and it is at this point that they came together and formed a new band — ‘AUJ’.

Auj comprises of Nasir Zaka, Syed Hasnain Ali, Muhammad Kashif, and Abdur Rehman Sajid. The word “Auj” means the epitome of height – it is the limit of all feelings and senses – and as there isn’t any quantifiable limit to them, that is what music means to the band members of Auj. It is clear how dedicated they have been in their decade long journey by the fact that the members had to sell off most of their equipment to pay for the studio recording of their first original song, “Lafz” back in 2009.

After performing numerous original songs in Pepsi BoB, and ultimately winning the contest, Auj has been reaching new heights in their journey. Pepsi BoB has helped them amass a huge fan following and has indeed made them the new rock giant on the horizon of the Pakistani music landscape. Auj is currently recording their original album and shooting a music video, all with Pepsi BoB as a pillar support.

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