Despite working in the music industry since over a decade now, most people had not heard of Aleem Zafar. Shying away from the spotlight, this talented artist preferred staying behind the scenes, assisting some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry in building their brand. These include the likes of Ali Zafar, Asim Azhar, Billy X and Humaima Malick, to name a few. From managing PR to designing artwork and from releasing their songs to handling media and fans- Zafar has done it all for the celebrities he’s worked with.

With ample experience, Aleem finally decided to bid his previous work farewell, overcome his inhibition and embark on a journey as an artist. With accolades under his belt including a nomination in the Shorty Awards for best emerging talent (2015), along with being a brand ambassador for Daniel Wellington, he started off his new career with a captivating tribute to Junaid Jamshed’s hamd “Ilahi teri chokhat par.” His soothing vocals and remarkable presence caught the attention of his audience.

When asked about his tribute, here’s what Aleem had to say:

“It was always my dream to pay tribute to Junaid Jamshed. I had been planning to do so since years and finally got an opportunity in 2019. When it happened, despite all my preparation over the years, I felt it was so quick that I couldn’t really register much or believe my wish was being manifested.”

Soon later, Aleem decided to take on another challenge and release his second tribute to the legendary Mehdi Hassan with a cover of “Yeh watan tumhara hai.”

Talking about his rendition, Aleem added:

“Once I had committed to working on this, I did have second thoughts- first Junaid Jamshed, followed by Mehdi Hassan, why was I making such difficult choices! Nothing was going to stop me though, not even my own reservations. I’ve always loved this track & it’s been a part of every Pakistani’s life since a decade. I had to do it, but I made sure not to make any changes to the composition and keep it as original as possible, yet add a modern touch. I’m really glad people liked it.”

Aleem’s tribute was also shared by television presenter and journalist, Iqrar ul Hassan, on Instagram and twitter, while praising his work.

Aleem Zafar is a name everyone needs to get familiar with. With the abundance of talent and experience he has, it won’t be long before he becomes a household name, featuring in the top 10 charts!

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