Farhan Saeed stole hearts with his singing and then through some memorable roles on television. This fortnight he chats with Mehek Raza Rizvi about his upcoming projects, fame, family and more


You’ve won over your fans both as a singer and an actor, but what would you say is closer to your heart? 

To me being a singer and an actor are both essential forms of entertainment. At the bottom of my heart, I’m an entertainer in every way. Singing is my passion and acting is my craft, so choosing between the two isn’t an option for me. Each of these is a medium of art that I use to express the passion and emotions in me. Through my work I try to connect to my fans on a level that is far deeper. Whether it’s a live performance or an acting project, I believe I take each up in a way that reflects my creativity and dedication. Singing and acting are equally close to me because I tend to put my heart in each of them.

We’re anxiously awaiting the release of ‘Tich Button’. Tell us a little about your role and the equation all co-stars had on set.

‘Tich Button’ is entertainment for the entire family, as it captures the essence of a lively Punjabi-centric household. However, at this point I can’t reveal much about my role. What I can say is that through it we aim to give the audience a full impact of emotions, from some action-packed drama to sweet romance.

Connecting with all my co-actors on set was a great experience. Working with Iman Ali, Feroze Khan and Sonya Hussyn was very refreshing as our chemistry on set coincided in the best way possible. Furthermore, there are many well-known senior actors in it that I finally got the opportunity to work with. I firmly believe that this was one of the main reasons that ‘Tich Button’ was such a joy to work on. The amount of wisdom and support they showed us on set actually guided us through the entire process of making the film.

To sum it up, it’s a labour of our love and hard work. I really hope that people will enjoy watching it as much as we relished making it. 

You’ve worked with Qasim Ali Mureed in the past and he’s a close friend of yours. How different was this project from the others?

Qasim and I have worked together on numerous singing and acting projects over the years. Working with someone who knows you well both in front of the camera and behind it is gratifying in its own way. I strongly feel that it’s much easier to work on the craft of a character smoothly when two minds think alike. The best part about working with him is that he’s familiar with my strengths and weaknesses and understands me well.

Now that ‘Prem Gali’ has ended, are there any new drama serials in the pipeline?

Yes, I do have a couple of new projects lined up that I’m currently working on. One of them is a web series that we’re shooting these days and I also have some new songs in the works that’re going to come your way real soon.

Both your parents are doctors; what inspired you to pursue a career in music and acting? 

I truly believe that music was (and is) my destiny. Despite belonging to a background of doctors, music always held significant value in my life. It’s been an integral part of our household since I was quite young. I remember my entire family would sit together and enjoy jamming sessions on our favourite melodies. Seeing the true calling in me, my father told me that I just needed to be sincere to whatever I chose to do and do justice to it. Here I am today, doing something that’s very close to my heart and I hope I’ve done justice to it so far.

Out of all the characters you’ve portrayed, which one do you think is closest to your personality and how? 

Every character that I do more or less has some shades of me. I feel whenever you choose to do a character, there’s always a part of yourself that reflects in it. This is the main reason that attracts you to a particular role. Be it my character in ‘Udaari’ or ‘Suno Chanda’, each of them has a sense of being quintessentially me. Each character is special to me and I try to infuse what I am into every one of them. If I really have to choose, then maybe the closest character twould be Arsal from ‘Suno Chanda’.

Before saying yes to a script or character, how mindful are you of the impact it will have on your audience? 

I always try to analyse all the connotations that my characters are going to project onto the audiences. Whether it’s a light-hearted character or a headstrong one, I ensure that I give thought to how the audience, and especially my fans, will interpret it. It’s quite important to me that whatever character I choose delivers a message for people to learn from.

What would you say have been your biggest learnings as a public figure so far? 

One of my biggest learnings from this profession has been that gratitude is the right attitude. I’ve also learnt that as long as you’re patient and strive to work hard, things work out just fine. Being thankful to God, your friends, family and fans in all circumstances is the only way that you can move forward; many doors open if you’re true to yourself. However, I also feel that being a public figure in today’s day and age is not at all easy. With the social media era, the level of negativity has somewhat amplified to a point that it’s hard to stay focused and persistent.

You’ve spoken about memories from your childhood. Tell us more about those years.

Well I’ve been lucky enough to experience a childhood that has to be one of the best, with a constant balance of family gatherings, cousins, musical evenings, festivities and cricket. I truly lived every moment of it with my loved ones. We were blessed to have parents that supported us in every way. If I could sum up my childhood in one word, then that would have to be: beautiful.

What is Farhan Saeed like at home? 

A mix of everything: I’m an artist, a musician, an actor, a dancer, and anything else that I want to be when I’m at home. I believe I’m a simple man and mostly enjoy my time with my family, close friends and some good food. On the whole, a little ordinary and a little fun-that’s what Farhan is at home.

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