Summer means time to amp up the volume in our wardrobes with bold prints and strong colour palettes. Who better to turn to for this than our very own 9Lines. This fortnight, Mehek Raza Rizvi speaks to the creative forces behind this brand known for its quirk, Hassan Iqbal Rizvi and Saad Shahid. Learn about their personal style preferences and then get a preview of their menswear collection in our pages

What impact do you believe the COVID-19 pandemic has had, if any, on men’s fashion trends? 

Hassan Iqbal Rizvi: The pandemic has made me feel comfortable in stepping out with whatever I feel comfortable in and I believe it’s the same for others. It seems that people have now warmed up to the idea of one’s own ease coming first in fashion.

Saad Shahid: As Hassan stated, people are more inclined towards what’s easier for them, but with that being said, they have also gotten creative with their looks. Staying in during isolation has certainly given everyone an excessive amount of time to brew up new looks, experiment with styles and portray themselves like never before.

What would your advice be to someone wanting to venture into slightly daring territory in terms of their wardrobe?

Hassan: Personally speaking, I always vouch for exotic prints and patterns: prints from the wild, summer foliage or floral blooms. I feel that they speak for you before you even enter the room. Experiment with anything which makes you think twice before wearing it.

Saad: The more you think about people’s reaction to what you’re wearing, the more you drift away from being confident with you unique looks.

What are some essential wardrobe staples for this summer?

Hassan: Resort shirts with eccentric prints—always!

Saad: A t-shirt with a good graphic or statement on it and you’re good to go.

Since most of us are still working from home, how does one stay comfortable yet well put-together?

Hassan: It’s always the effort that counts. All you have to do is put the same amount of effort into your looks, as you would’ve had you been going in to the office. It’s that simple and it works.

Saad: WFH has an important part to play, as we learn to become more efficient, more responsible and become aware of the idea that being in your comfort-zone while handing official hours really works well if you enjoy what you do!

How different is your personal style from each other and how does that reflect in the clothes you design? 

Hassan: My personal style is always loud and communicative. So it’s always a teams effort. Blending in both our aesthetics works for us in terms of making something that isn’t already there in the market, because it’s unique.

Saad: I believe I fall in the line of always following the lead of contemporary fashion with a sprinkle of that one quirky element that sets the mood for the whole look. So yes, mixing our styles together does the trick for us.

What’s a style rule you never break? 

Hassan: In my case style rules are meant to be broken. I’m never one to shy away from trying new things, even if most of people don’t agree with them.

Saad: Wearing sunglasses inside. I mean, the whole point of wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun, right? 

What’s been the best fashion advice you’ve received?

Hassan: The best style advice I’ve ever received is probably from my parents at a pretty young age, but they had no idea at the time how it would directly or indirectly affect me. It was more of an all-encompassing ‘be yourself, no matter what’ perspective. I applied that confident individuality to every aspect of my life: how I think, what I say and do, and of course, how I dress. I wear whatever I wear. I don’t let trends or seasons get in the way. I never have. Most days I like wearing t-shirts, jeans, and flat-bill snapbacks, and I like colors—lots and lots of colors. It’s all about creating an image that uniquely embraces your own personality. And it never hurts to have some fun too.

Saad: Whatever you wear, just wear that with confidence. I follow this tip no matter if it’s jeans or a formal suit. If you feel good then you’ll be more confident and be better able to take on whatever life throws at you.

Is there anyone in particular whose style you’re inspired by? 

Hassan: David Beckham. His unique sense of style in both formal and street wear always puts forth inspiration to never be afraid to mix it up.

Saad: It’s a mix between Jinnah, Richard Biedul and Cody Fern.

Tell us more about your new collection. 

Hassan: As always, the Men’s Collection this time around focuses a lot on pattern and print detailing. Ranging from different colors and wild prints from rich florals, contemporary stripes and lush foliage, this collection provides our customers with a wide variety to choose from.

Saad: Our Men’s Collection is one of our favourites, as we decided to play with different prints. Like always this time yet again we weren’t afraid to bring in that wild element that always makes a mark in your wardrobe.

What can we expect from 9Lines menswear in the future?

Hassan: A brand staying close to its ethos, our signature menswear will always be bold, out of the box, and only for those who aren’t afraid to experiment with their looks.

Saad: 9Lines will always promote the idea of being free and limitless when it comes to updated and playful fashion. All our collections, including menswear will always be wild and popping with that quirky goodness.

Wardrobe: 9Lines
Photography: Asad Bin Javed
Grooming: Turab Haider
Models: Zarrar Khan, Suleman Hussain & Qamar Khwaja
Art Direction, Concept & Styling: 9solutions


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