Entrepreneur, wife and actor Rehmat Ajmal tells us her take — on art, mental health, marriage and more. She reflects on how these things have shaped her life

On mental health: Mental health to me, is extremely important. It’s on top of the list. It helps me make the list! Taking care of my mind is cleansing, rejuvenating. It’s an aid that helps me manage the intangible. If you take care of your mind you can take better care of everything else around you.

On art: Art, is fluid. It’s forever flowing, a timeless expression. It is the stamp you leave behind. It is the biggest part of me. The romance between Art and the Artist has a distinct scent. One, that lasts forever.

On social media: It is important to tune in and tune out in a balanced way otherwise it can be really overwhelming. Imagine exposing yourself physically, in an environment that has so much going on: positive and negative. You are bound to exhaust yourself with an overdose of either energy. Similarly, if you overstay your welcome mentally, it can take a toll on you then, too. It’s also important to gage when and when not to interact/participate. It is not just a website, it is a basket filled with experiences. So, it’s important to pick and choose what you want to partake in to bring a positive change or to make an impact that inspires.

On marriage: It is not something you find, it is something you choose, something you make. A concept of sharing your life with someone, an experience you nurture. Something you grow together, something that fills your life with both ease and challenges. It is a sculpture you chisel with just the right tools. It is strong and binding but also fragile, a precious something. For some it is a chapter, for some a book and for some a page. Whatever the length, it is individualistic. For me it has been a force of change.

On lessons learned: Patience. To sit back and watch it unravel. Admire the beauty with which it unravels. Acceptance of the complicated dance of life, learn the steps, sometimes follow, sometimes make the steps.

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