November 16-30 2021


Designer and socialite Aiza Alvi takes us inside her closet

My personal style in three words

Cool, relaxed, freestyle: I like to keep things comfy, but also fun. I don’t shy away from extending a day outfit to night- all that’s needed is the perfect amount of edge in a mostly relaxed fit. Maybe a pop of color or anything with shoulder pads, army print, chains!

My top 5 wardrobe essentials

Oversized button down, collared shirt, White t shirt, Black tights, Loose fit jeans, Chunky sneakers

My top 5 shoe essentials

Sneakers, black heels, white heels, Chunky black boots, Anything sparkly!

My favourite vintage item


My most prized possession

Nomads don’t have prized possessions — they make it work with what they have in the moment!

Entrepreneur, wife and actor Rehmat Ajmal tells us her take — on art, mental health, marriage and more. She reflects on how these things have shaped her life

On mental health: Mental health to me, is extremely important. It’s on top of the list. It helps me make the list! Taking care of my mind is cleansing, rejuvenating. It’s an aid that helps me manage the intangible. If you take care of your mind you can take better care of everything else around you.

On art: Art, is fluid. It’s forever flowing, a timeless expression. It is the stamp you leave behind. It is the biggest part of me. The romance between Art and the Artist has a distinct scent. One, that lasts forever.

On social media: It is important to tune in and tune out in a balanced way otherwise it can be really overwhelming. Imagine exposing yourself physically, in an environment that has so much going on: positive and negative. You are bound to exhaust yourself with an overdose of either energy. Similarly, if you overstay your welcome mentally, it can take a toll on you then, too. It’s also important to gage when and when not to interact/participate. It is not just a website, it is a basket filled with experiences. So, it’s important to pick and choose what you want to partake in to bring a positive change or to make an impact that inspires.

On marriage: It is not something you find, it is something you choose, something you make. A concept of sharing your life with someone, an experience you nurture. Something you grow together, something that fills your life with both ease and challenges. It is a sculpture you chisel with just the right tools. It is strong and binding but also fragile, a precious something. For some it is a chapter, for some a book and for some a page. Whatever the length, it is individualistic. For me it has been a force of change.

On lessons learned: Patience. To sit back and watch it unravel. Admire the beauty with which it unravels. Acceptance of the complicated dance of life, learn the steps, sometimes follow, sometimes make the steps.

Here are our favourite looks from the PISA Awards red carpet!

Sana Javed
We are obsessed with Sana’s minimal look. She chose to wear a traditional saree by Umar Sayeed Couture. She opted for barely there makeup and accessories. Her straight hair and bronze makeup tied the look together.

Iqra Aziz
Iqra Aziz chose a turquoise and pink sari for the occasion. Paired with traditional jewelry, smokey eyes and a tight bun her look was one of our favourites from the red carpet!

Sonya Hussayn
It seemed like sarees were a hot favourite this time around. Sonya Hussayn donned a rust silk saree. The bold colour made her stand out from the others on the red carpet. She kept her hair straight and accessorized with a funky ear cuff.

Hania Aamir
This was Hania’s first red carpet appearance in a saree this year and she absolutely slayed it. Everything about her look from the silky ivory fabric to the red lip and middle part was just perfect.

Humaima Malick
Styled by Ehtasham Ansari in Sanafsha, Humaima Malick turned heads at the red carpet in this stunning tulle gown. She paired the look with wavy hair, bronze eyes and a nude lip.

Did you always want to become an actor?
Yes! As far as I can remember. I grew up watching Bollywood and Lollywood movies.

What do you like most about acting?
Everything. I love my craft. Playing different characters is so much fun for me. I love being so different on camera. Acting comes very naturally to me.

Who is your inspiration?
No one in particular. So many artists from all over the world. Cinema and art has always inspired me. My soul connects with everything that is artsy.

Do you think people are influenced by you?
I think people connect with me on a lot of grounds. Especially my wardrobe and my style. My globetrotter image has influenced many people. So has my Instagram image; people find me interesting to follow.

You recently won an award for your acting. Tell us more about that.
Yes. Pakistan Achievement Awards were held in London and they awarded me for my outstanding performances in drama serials Jhooti, Pakeeza Phupho and Barfi Ladu.
It was a proud moment for me because that was the first time I ever held a trophy. Also, I feel like there are many more to come. The next one should come from home (Pakistan). I feel really blessed because I was able to make my mother proud.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.
Baddua is on air right now in which I play a romantic lover that’s looking to get married to the love of his life: Falak. Some other things are also in the pipeline for which we’ll start shooting in December.

What according to you, is the best part of your work?
I can’t pick one thing! So many things such as performances as an anchor person from hosting to acting make it to the top of my list. I was proud to be the only Pakistani artist to be a part of Malaysian television and theatre.

What do you do on days off from acting?
I am a people’s person but also a homebody. I can spend a full day just in my pjs at home with my family!

How difficult is it to establish yourself in the film industry?
Very! It is definitely a cut throat industry and you don’t get your chance that easily no matter how good you are. You have to play your cards right to prove your worth.

What’s your advice for people who want to become actors and might be struggling?
I would say only consider showbiz as your career if you have patience. Because it takes a lot from you and in return you get name, fame and money.

New bride Aimen Khan speaks openly and shares her life-changing tips for the winter bride

Stay warm
Feeling comfortable is a crucial part of enjoying yourself as a bride. This is particularly true for the winter bride: shivering and (literal) cold feet will take away from all the fun! There are lots of easy ways to keep warm without killing your look: Wear tights underneath your lehnga. If your feet don’t show, put on a pair of socks. Have a cozy shawl in the car that you can wrap around yourself before and after the event. And you could always invest in a velvet jora!

Keep snacking and stay hydrated
The most practical and revolutionary advice I got before my wedding was to eat frequently throughout the day and stay hydrated. In the days leading up to your wedding-more often than not-you’re going to be stressed, jittery, and anxious. The discomfort of these feelings is heightened when you’re dehydrated and on an empty stomach. So keep a bag full of your favorite comfort food with you at all times: nuts, granola bars, fruit, chips, chocolate, juice boxes, and of course, water. Keep snacking and drink lots of water during your dance practices, make up appointments and wedding events!

Check the weather forecast
The cold weather is bad enough as it is; you don’t want your wedding day getting ruined by rain or zero visibility fog. The Pakistan Meteorological Department will be your saving grace. Use their website or save their number to get precise weather updates. I called them at least 500 times before my event and they were always very kind and helpful.

Have someone next to you during your make-up appointments
Ask a sibling, cousin or best friend to accompany you to your appointments. I can’t stress how important this is. You definitely don’t want to be alone during the many hours you spend at the salon pre-event. At a practical level, you need a person who can make phone calls for you, hand you a snack or order some food for you, assist you as you put on your outfit, help you figure out a tricky make up decision, or speak up for you when the make up artist just won’t listen (9/10 times, this will happen). And as for your mental health, it’s good to know you’re not alone on one of the most stressful days of your life. You want to feel supported and taken care of, and having someone you can rely on next to you will do just that.

Talk to your therapist
Having frequent sessions with my therapist during the weeks leading up to my wedding was extremely helpful and calming during a time of high stress. You’re going through multiple life-changing transitions at the same time: leaving your family, moving out of your home, and living in a new environment. You’re also simultaneously planning and hosting multiple events and drowning in wedding errands. The best decision you can take for yourself during such a time is prioritizing your mental health. And if you don’t have a therapist, there’s no time like the present to find one!

Maya Ali turns heads in this jazzy electric blue number by Zena Presley. Our favorite thing about this outfit has to be the silhouette. Maya kept it simple with a pony tail and accessorized with small blue earrings that matched the dress

Influencer Sophiya Khan makes a strong case for florals in this trendy red saree. We love how she paired her saree with a polka dotted blouse. The perfect fusion of east and west

Mahira Khan can do no wrong and she proved this in a shimmery dress with by Georges Chakra. She wore her hair wavy and kept her makeup minimal

Next on our list is Mansha Pasha in this blue dress by Ayesmodacouture — a Turkish courtier known for their glamourous creations. Everything about this look, from the long train and the sequined bodice to the sleeked back hair and foxy eyes, is a hit!

We’re swooning over Faheem Ansari in this shimmery gold dress by Shehla Chatoor. The sultry slit on the side makes it eye catching and sexy

Mehreen Tiwana is ready for winter in this oversized pastel blue sweater. She pairs it with a pink skirt and fluffy heels. The perfect look for this season











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