Did you always want to become an actor?
Yes! As far as I can remember. I grew up watching Bollywood and Lollywood movies.

What do you like most about acting?
Everything. I love my craft. Playing different characters is so much fun for me. I love being so different on camera. Acting comes very naturally to me.

Who is your inspiration?
No one in particular. So many artists from all over the world. Cinema and art has always inspired me. My soul connects with everything that is artsy.

Do you think people are influenced by you?
I think people connect with me on a lot of grounds. Especially my wardrobe and my style. My globetrotter image has influenced many people. So has my Instagram image; people find me interesting to follow.

You recently won an award for your acting. Tell us more about that.
Yes. Pakistan Achievement Awards were held in London and they awarded me for my outstanding performances in drama serials Jhooti, Pakeeza Phupho and Barfi Ladu.
It was a proud moment for me because that was the first time I ever held a trophy. Also, I feel like there are many more to come. The next one should come from home (Pakistan). I feel really blessed because I was able to make my mother proud.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.
Baddua is on air right now in which I play a romantic lover that’s looking to get married to the love of his life: Falak. Some other things are also in the pipeline for which we’ll start shooting in December.

What according to you, is the best part of your work?
I can’t pick one thing! So many things such as performances as an anchor person from hosting to acting make it to the top of my list. I was proud to be the only Pakistani artist to be a part of Malaysian television and theatre.

What do you do on days off from acting?
I am a people’s person but also a homebody. I can spend a full day just in my pjs at home with my family!

How difficult is it to establish yourself in the film industry?
Very! It is definitely a cut throat industry and you don’t get your chance that easily no matter how good you are. You have to play your cards right to prove your worth.

What’s your advice for people who want to become actors and might be struggling?
I would say only consider showbiz as your career if you have patience. Because it takes a lot from you and in return you get name, fame and money.


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