Influencer Sophiya Salim Khan of Keeping Up With Khan takes us inside her closet

How would you describe your personal style?

In the moment! So one thing I learnt from my grandmother is just to wear whatever you feel like wearing on a particular day. Be it clothes, shoes or accessories. Mostly I dress in the same outfit everyday, which is a black T-shirt and black pants. I let the day and my mood decide how much I’m going to dress up or down.

Your favourite fashion designer?

This is a tough one! I really can not pick one as they all shine bright for their own genre & what they bring into the fashion scene. Currently drooling over Ansab Jahangir – their cuts, colours and prices are just on point.

Do you believe in sustainable fashion? Have you changed your wardrobe to make it more sustainable in the recent years?

Definitely a recent awareness came about, and it’s here to stay. Once you start learning about true sustainability, it’s hard to unlearn some facts about the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion begins with sustainable choices. The transition from buying cheaper to buying sustainable is a habit that doesn’t reflect in price points as much as it does in the amount we buy. Also what we do with how much we already have. Rather than buying and donating, I’ve started to buy less & to upcycle my wardrobe more.

Where is Pakistan do you love to shop?

Instagram!! I absolutely love how Instagram has helped me discover & be able to shop from so many local brands. No matter where they may be located in Pakistan, through great logistic services & social media, I feel unique brands have never been more accessible.

What is the oldest item in your closet?

That would be my great grandmothers shawl collection, which I was lucky enough to inherit & shall be cherished for generations to come.

What, in your opinion, are must have items that are essential to a great closet?

The basic everyday shalwar kameez, jeans, simple T-shirts, a good pair of black joggers & you are good to go!

Your most prize possession?

My great grandmothers Shahtoosh shawl

Your favourite accessory?


What item in your closet makes you cringe?

The items I bought when I was in college on sale thinking I’ll fit into them later, totally unnecessary.

How does style differ in the two big cosmopolitan cities that you live in, Lahore and Islamabad?

Having lived in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad, I can see how totally different each city’s fashion expression is.

Islamabad kind of reminds me of Karachi, very chilled out & relaxed fashion sense, putting comfort first. As compared to lahore which is such a fun cosmopolitan for fashion, as you will see all forms of fashionable expression wherever you go together & no one is bothered by being over or underdressed.

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