Influencer and socialite Areesha Kamran takes us inside her closet

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is modern/glam. I definitely lean towards contemporary pieces more, yet I would much rather be the most over-dressed person in the room than under-dressed.

Your favourite fashion designer?

I would have to say that my favorite fashion designer is Coco Chanel. The class and grace that exudes from Coco is unmatched. Truly a style icon.

Do you believe in sustainable fashion? Have you changed your wardrobe in the recent years to make it more sustainable?

I do believe in sustainable fashion, however, I do believe our Pakistani market makes it a bit harder to implement in our daily lives. I love how brands abroad have  clothing made from sustainable recycled fabrics, and I would love to see that trend come forward here as well.

Where in Pakistan do you love to shop?

Sania Maskatiya, Elan, & Zaha are my go-tos.

What is the oldest item in your closet?

Probably my mom’s fur scarf. Vintage, ya know?

What, in your opinion, are must have items that are essential to a great closet?

A well fitted blazer, black leather pants, a good pair of denim jeans in whatever style you find most comfortable, simple black strappy heels, and a good quality white tee.

Your most prized possession?

My diamond pendant gifted to me by my late grandfather.

Your favourite accessory?

Definitely a statement bag or earrings.

What item in your closet makes you cringe?

My old Quiz clothes, haha.

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