Actor, model and influencer Merub Ali gets candid about her childhood, date nights and more

Did you always want to become an actor?

So acting wasn’t something that I initially wanted to do. But as time passed and I got more opportunities I became more interested in it because I liked acting.

How did you find yourself in this career?

I was accidentally put into this career because of the music video I did for Sajjad Ali when I was younger. So yeah, it all kickstarted from there.

What was your childhood like?

My childhood mostly consisted of me just reading books and spending time with family. I was a very extroverted yet introverted child. I’ve always been that. It takes me time to open up to people and that’s how I was as a child too.

You’re very young. Does the work pressure ever get to you?

Uh yes I do feel the work pressure sometimes. I like working24/7 but whenever it gets too overwhelming for me, I just take a step back and take a break. Maybe go on a vacation or spend time with family at home, so I can kind of stablise myself before I get back into it.

What’s your favourite thing about being on set?

The fact that I’m working. I love working! I’m the kind of person that can work 24 hours if you ask me. I like making art out of whatever it is that I’m doing.

Is it hard to find time for each other when you and Asim are both working?

Yes, it is sometimes. Mainly because we’re both in different cities. But we do make a lot of time for each other because we are each other’s priority.

Where do you like to go for date nights?

I honestly like going in my PJs to watch a movie. That’s the ideal date night for me. I don’t really require a lot. Sometimes I do, but usually I don’t.

Describe your perfect day off.

My perfect day off is at home with my dog, with my family, and online shopping or playing games on my laptop. That’s it!

Name three things on your bucket list.

To skydive! I want to get a car for myself and also build a house for my parents.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years I hope to be more wiser and InshAllah be ahead in my career. I never think about the future but when I do I just hope for the best because I’ve never been on a path. I just like the flow of things in the present. I don’t like thinking about the future.

There is a major cancel culture these days. Does the pressure of always being politically correct ever get to you?

Umm, yes. Because sometimes you might say something else in an interview and people will pluck words out of a sentence and use it in a wrong way against you. But I honestly think if you don’t have enough knowledge about something it’s better you don’t speak about it. If you have a proper argument against it then sure, why not? I mean, I would still suggest not to. Just don’t make comments until you don’t know the situation. Specially if it’s very sensitive.

Do you think there are some taboos with working in the entertainment industry in Pakistan?

People view the entertainment industry in a very negative perspective. And I honestly think it wholey depends on you. If you want to do something bad that’s entirely your choice and if you’re on the right path that’s also your choice. So it’s basically how you handle yourself in the industry and not about whoever is around you. Logon ko same scale pe tolna nahi chayiye. There will be good people and bad people everywhere. I don’t think people should see this industry from such a bad prespective.

Your favourite designer?

Honestly, my personal favourites are Maria B and Zara Shahjahan. I think their clothes are amazing!

What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

Remember, accepting failures is actually accepting your success. Failures only make you stronger and determined. So there are going to be a lot of ups and down in the journey but if you’re being yourself and you love what you do you will eventually reach where you want to. Never ever doubt yourself. You should always remember your goals and whatever comes in the way, you just have to really pass through.

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