We speak to influencer Minahil Wattoo about her style, her fashion influences and more

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is always evolving depends on my mood and the trends. But if i have to describe it in a few words, I’d say it’s a combination of classy and trendy with a hint of casual chic!

Your favourite fashion designer?

Have been obsessed with lirika Maloshim and Mohsin Naveed Ranjha for over a year now!

Do you believe in sustainable fashion? Have you changed your wardrobe to make it more sustainable in the recent years?

Yes I do. I am obsessed with solids and colour blocking these days. I own at-least 2-3 different solid pieces in each colour and it’s crazy how much you can do with just a few of those!

Where in Pakistan do you love to shop?

Apart from the stunning designer stores that we have so many of in Pakistan, I love going to Liberty Market. I hardly shop there because I can’t bargain but i loveeee capturing the aesthetic and the vibe of the market on my camera! (For insta mainly 😉

What is the oldest item in your closet?

My black Zara T-shirt. It’s sooo basic but so soft at this point in life and since it’s black, it looks like it’s in perfect condition everytime. I can still style it up or down and it never disappoints. Safe to say it’s not only the oldest but also my most favourite item in my closet.

What, in your opinion, are must have items that are essential to a great closet?

  1. A black T-shirt
  2. A white button down
  3. A classic pair of jeans
  4. White tailored pants
  5. At least 3 pairs of neutral heels
  6. Basic gold accessories

And you’re sorted! You can elevate any basic look with a nice pair of heels and gold accessories! Yes, even a white shirt and a black T-shirt!

Your most prized possession?

My mom’s 24k gold pendant that has Allah engraved in and it was given to her by my late grandfather when I was born. (Emotionally and financially 🙂

Your favourite accessory?

Any sort of solid gold jewelry! Literally!

What item in your closet makes you cringe?

OMG! My Ed Hardy T-shirt with all those diamantés engraved in a skull. Haha, it’s almost vintage but i need my kids to see it.

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