What inspired you to become an artist and tell us about your favorite medium?

I think it is something you are born with even as a kid my favorite thing to do was paint and colour. And since my mom is an artist access to art materials was very convenient.

I love to paint from watercolor miniatures to big wall murals. Favorite medium depends on my mood.

Describe how art is important to society

Art is something that portrays feelings and at the same time influences feelings too. There so much you can bring in a society with art, it creates the mood in society, the trends, the environment around us all depend on artists.

What factors influence the price of your work?

The biggest factor that influences any work is cost of production.


How do you go about creating a collection?

It starts with inspiration leading to the thematic design of a collection. Then the production process starts. Everything in my collection is handmade and sustainable so it’s takes time and patience.

How do fashion designers keep up with the latest trends?

I mostly follow latest cuts and colors of the year rest is our own aesthetic that is ages old and evergreen.

Who are some famous architects that you admire?

Ludwig Mies Van de Rohe and Tadao Ando

Can you walk me through your design process of your label, AMK Libaas from concept to execution?

Sustainability plays the most important part in all the process. Everything should be environment friendly and ethical, pure fabrics are chosen, hand dyed and then embellished by block printing, hand embroideries etc. depicting our traditional fashion reviving theory. Lastly they are cut and stitched according to the collection genre.

How would you describe your design aesthetic & philosophy?

Sustainable, traditional and comfortable. Our mission is to revive handmade traditional artistic clothes that are comfortable yet luxurious.

Philosophy behind are the artisans that do marvelous hand block printing and embroideries but are struggling due to the invasion of digital and mechanical solutions. Sustaining them in all our collections is a vital part of our studio.

How do you think personal style should be expressed?

By being comfortable in your own style.

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