Sarosh is the most versatile artist, who started her journey as as a chemist in the USA and discovered her love for painting and calligraphy about ten years ago. She is now running her own mesmerising art gallery in Lahore.

Tell us a bit about your journey and what influenced you to become an artist/painter?

Art has been a part of me since childhood, my mother was a multitalented artist, she created an environment that nurtured art . I am a science graduate, discovered about ten years ago that God has gifted me with this talent sketching and painting, and now it’s my biggest passion!

Your art room is full of paintings of same famous celebrities and singers, it also seems to be inspired by the Mughal era, what is your inspiration and how would you describe your art room?

My art gallery covers life, representing my thoughts in painted colours!

My love for humanity and history has opened areas of Mughal and other historical art besides making portraits of famous people who touched my heart through their hard work and dedication for their amazing work. I researched on them before starting their projects and I have done research work on Baba bull shah and my paintings illustrating his poetry and life is been showcased in my own art gallery in Gulberg Lahore.

Describe your dream project.

Any painting that I start is my dream painting at that time, and takes my full attention!

Describe the best piece of art you’ve created.

I love my latest calligraphy (.Blessings)

How did you discover calligraphy and How would you describe your calligraphy style?

Life is a discovery and through calligraphy we deliver messages of Allah, I call my style just my style, it’s simple straight and clear.

Do you have any favorite tools, types of brushes and pens, or papers you prefer to work with?

I use normal brushes. It’s all about how you display your thoughts through your  strokes.

Any suggestions for aspiring artists in this era of digital world?

One can achieve anything through hard work ,dedication and prayers to Almighty Allah

Good Times


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