GT Magazine 1-15-2021






The Nikkah ceremony of GT’s very own editor, Mehek Raza Rizvi, daugther of Begum and Justice (R) Syed Shabbar Raza Rizvi, with Irtaza Syed Nawazish, son of Begum and Syed Tahir Nawazish was held last month. The intimate affair was full of love and warmth.




Gt Magazine 1-15-2021

Rural women artisans from all over Pakistan, from the mountains of Kalash to the deserts of Thar, came to Karachi to showcase and sell their work at the Karachi Night Market by LADIESFUND at Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim Park, as
part of the All Fruit, Flower and Vegetable show organized by KMC and Horticulture Society of Pakistan.



On her biggest career high, overcoming her weaknesses and love for fashion

What inspired you to take up modelling professionally?

I’ve always had a keen interest in fashion and loved being in front of the camera, so I’d say it all started from there. It’s also a blessing that my friends and family have always encouraged me to pursue my passion.

What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as a model?

My strengths are my versatility, creativity, flexibility, focus and the ability to take initiative. It’s important to stand up, speak up, be bold and unafraid of judgments.

My weakness would probably be being too detail-oriented.

Biggest career high so far?

I’ve been featured in the song “O Kehndi Na Na” by Navv Inder, who previously sang the popular “Wakhra Swag”. This gave me recognition not only in Pakistan, but India as well.

Do you have a fitness and beauty regimen?

I do yoga and pilates religiously. I also like to eat healthy and stick to organic food products.

How would you describe your personal style?

Quirky and fabulous.

What do you think about the competition in your industry and the relationships models have with each other?

I’m not here to compete with anyone. The other models have their own style and I want them to shine too.

What do you consider to be the toughest aspect of your job and how do you overcome it?

The toughest job is perhaps having to shoot in the heat and the fact that you need to look glamorous at all times, regardless of how you feel. I keep reminding myself that I’m strong and I can do it; nothing can break me!

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?

Come on, I can’t even see far enough into the future to know what’s for dinner tonight!

Words: Mehek Raza Rizvi | Photography: Altamash Urooj
Wardrobe: Euphoria | Makeup: Deepika Dehshta
Hair: Dani | Location Courtesy: Mahesh Tourani


Saira Shakira’s Chikan Kari collection celebrates spring/summer through its soft hues and sophisticated designs.
Choose from a range of options for the perfect wardrobe

Wardrobe: Saira Shakira
PR & Coordination: Centaur One
Model: Amna Babar
Photography: Alee Hassan
MUA: Sonia Nazir
Jewellery: Meraki, Zelo & Jawahir by Amna







This fortnight we speak to this talented young photographer about her creative journey

Tell us about your introduction to photography.

I don’t remember it in particular, but as far as I can recall, I used to take self portraits in grade 10. Then I started photographing people, since I love exploring new places and meeting new people.

Who are your biggest influences?

There are so many. But I absolutely love Natasha Zubair, because her work ethic is amazing. Apart from her, my sister has been my rock since day one and I’m quite proud of her journey as an artist; it really inspires me.

What is the creative process like when you’re preparing for a project?

A story is very important to me, so I always create an inspirational mood board and share it with my client or model and see if it matches with their vibe.

How do you balance work with your education?

As a medical student it’s kind of hard, but I try my best. Recently, I’ve had to skip some exciting projects, but I guess that’s part of life.

What’s been your favourite photograph or project so far?

A fashion shoot that I did for for Hira Ali. I love it when designers give you creative freedom and trust you with your perspective.

What equipment do you use?

I use a Nikon D750 with a 35mm lens.

How would you describe your photography style?

I love doing portraits and fashion photography. Sometimes I do wedding shoots too, but only if my clients understand my art and perspective. So, my style is mostly comprised of candid, colourful portraits with a play on light and shadow.

What’s a piece of advice you always keep in mind?

Keep going. Never give up. NEVER! And the only person you should compare yourself with is who you were yesterday. You are your biggest competition.


9Lines, staying close to its ethos and pop quirk roots, puts forward the first ever unstitched lawn collection, as “9LINES SS21”

The collection focuses on driving towards a modern update to the usual lawn, by adding a signature 9Lines quirky narrative. The collection is inspired by infusing art in fashion for an off-the-wall update. Prebooking on 12th March online > www.9lines.store

Wardrobe : 9Lines
Photography : MHM
Hair & Makeup (female models) : Qasim Liaqat
Hair & Makeup (male models) : Turab Haider
Art Direction & Styling : 9solutions
Models : Abeer Asad, Abeer Rizvi, Alicia Khan
Eesha Asad, Manal Saleem, Khushhal Khan
Qamar Khawaja, Suleman Hussain & Zarrar Khan




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