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Ramazan Kareem greetings are soon to echo across the world as Muslim communities look forward to the spiritually rewarding month. Geo Entertainment has always welcomed Ramazan with programming that aims to educate as well as entertain its audience.
This year, Geo Entertainment promises to be different and much refreshing as we bring to you four new shows; Dikhawa: Season 2, KuruluÅŸ: Osman, Makafat Season 3, and Ishq Jalebi.

Our Ramazan specials will begin with the series Dikhawa: Season 2 which will premiere on the first day of Ramazan at 3:30 p.m. Dikhawa’s second season follows in the footsteps of the first series which highlights the social and religious repercussions of pretentiousness, showing-off, and posturing.
With this moral-based series, Geo Entertainment has joined hands with many popular faces and hopes to invoke a wholesome understanding of the principles of empathy and kindness.
Geo Entertainment also hopes to acquaint its audience with great insight into Muslim bravery and historic folktale with the Turkish TV series “Kuruluş: Osman” on its platform. Kuruluş: Osman will premiere on the first day of Ramazan at 4:30 p.m. and will be available for spectators in Urdu language.
The series KuruluÅŸ: Osman holds significance for its majestic storytelling about the establishment of the Ottoman Empire and how Osman goes on to follow the footsteps of his father Ertugral. It features the glory of the Muslim empire and the way it became one of the longest-reigning empires in the world.
Another short fiction series Makafat has also been renewed for a third season with a star-studded cast and phenomenal writers. Makafat: Season 3 will premiere daily at 7:00 p.m.
The third season of Makafat comes after constant success with earlier seasons which were conceptualized around the theme of makafat-e-amal and sought inspiration from the ‘what you reap is what you sow’ dictum about life.
Geo Entertainment brings a romantic family drama serial “Ishq Jalebi” which will also be launch on the first day of Ramazan at 9:00 p.m.
This drama serial arrives with a fresh take on family issues and many veteran actors including Qavi Khan, Wahaj Ali, Madiha Imam, Usama Khan, Mahmood Aslam, Hina Bayat, Kashif Mehmood, Irsa Ghazal, Noor Ul Hasan, and Humera Bano will be adding their charm to the fictional family reunion. Wahaj Ali and Madiha Imam are appearing as an onscreen couple as cousins Bela and Basim who realise their newfound love for each other.
While promoting the ideas of empathy, compassion and togetherness, Geo Entertainment decided to simplify this year’s Ramzan programming in compliance with PEMRA rules. Geo Entertainment has always hoped to influence its viewers with thought-provoking content and inspire them to be better, and do better.

Haleema Alam

Karachi: As new parents to a three-month old, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to social media and especially Facebook parenting communities. When Misha was born, her father and I had just moved from Karachi to Islamabad. As if the move wasn’t big enough, being thrust into motherhood without my own mom to guide me through it gave me full blown anxiety.

One night, after my husband put Misha to sleep, he came to sit by me. I lay my head down on his shoulder and started crying. I had spent the entire day with my baby wrapped across my belly while I cleaned our new space and unpacked our belongings. At some point while I was clearing this up, I felt warmth growing all across my body. I know I was feeling hot – but this was very strange. I went to my bathroom mirror to see what had happened and then I saw it. Misha’s diaper had leaked and I just couldn’t take it anymore; I was covered in baby pee and poo, I was surrounded by cartons and my baby was now wailing because she had become aware of the wetness. I looked at myself in the mirror, sat down on the bathroom floor and started bawling.

You see this wasn’t the first time Misha’s diaper had leaked. I have tried and tested three diaper brands since she was born – all of them leaked, most of them gave her rashes and none of them allowed for a full-night’s sleep – neither for Misha nor for her parents. We were so sure we were doing something wrong that we took Misha to the pediatrics where a nurse checked to see if we had the right size and had put the diaper on correctly or not. To our surprise, we had done everything right. The nurse suggested a different brand and we changed it. Thrice.

When I lost all confidence, I turned to the one place I had the least hope in; social media. I know people are generally helpful, but they are also awfully judgmental – and I was just too vulnerable to be attacked for not knowing how to handle my own baby.

I put up a status asking if there were any mommy/parenting groups I could join to exchange parenting advice. Thankfully I got an entire list of recommended groups. Overwhelmed, I started my foray into the world of virtual mommies, baby brands and meal plans. There were thousands and sifting through them to find the right ones for me was a task and a half. Anywhere I felt the slightly bit of judgment was a no-go zone for me.

After all my research, there were eight groups with mommies who went out of their way to help me find the perfect solution to my diaper problems. I went in there with all my guards up but the moms on the group were so accommodating – and best of all was that all of them seemed to have been through similar issues.

Anyway, what I learned really quickly was that the size and type of diaper mattered a lot. I was using the premium line of one of the most popular international brands but it wasn’t suiting my baby at all. Then I moved to the most popular local brand but the leaking would not stop! Many of the moms I came across on Facebook suggested I give new diaper brand Fine Baby a try. Resistant to just one group of mommies suggesting the brand, I went on all the groups I was part of to find out what diapers they recommended.


Still unconvinced, I started looking up reviews everywhere.





Today, after one month of using Fine Baby diapers, I am here to acknowledge and thank all my mom-pals on the Facebook groups for pushing me to do my research and give them a try.

For those who want to know, apart from all the reviews, I did a whole lot of research on my own before making the final switch. Here is why I decided to give Fine Baby a chance:

  • Fine diapers are recommended by doctors and medical experts. It also won the Pediatric Product of the Year award in 2018.
  • They are highly absorbent and soft. I love the fact that they have a lotioned diaper bed.
  • They use a smart-lock technology that prevents leakages.

I did have one bad experience with the diaper magic-tape becoming loose but that entire packet seemed to have been damaged. Overall, these diapers are great and have really changed my life. I am extremely satisfied and I think my baby is too.

For those mommies out there struggling with similar issues, here are the eight mommy-communities I have loved being a part of:

  • Babies and bumps
  • Parenting 360
  • Ask the village
  • Mom tribe market
  • Mom tribe Pakistan
  • Super creative mama
  • Women of today
  • The motherhood forum community

I don’t know if this will help anyone out there or not, but I really needed to read something like this a couple of months ago. I hope it helps all the new mommies and daddies out there who just need a little hand from time-to-time. Be kind guys, raising a child isn’t easy!

Karachi: In today’s day and age, every Arshad, Jamshed and Bilquis can be seen donning masks and squirting liquid sanitizer on their hands. Recently, however, conversation on hygiene seems to have flooded social media. Given the unpredictable nature of the current times – it is, perhaps, a blessing that hygiene and sanitization have finally taken center stage. After all, hygiene has become one of those crucial factors that help us distinguish a healthy person from one likely to attract disease.

Anumta Faisal, an influencer on Instagram put up this public service message about the importance of hygiene and the use of sterilized products, especially with coronavirus on the rise.


Fitness expert and influencer Daniyal Afzal Khan also took some time out to talk about the etiquettes of working out at a gym and why staying clean means staying fine – for you and those around you.


One company in specific, however, made waves like no other when it came to clean products.



Fine Tissues, a product of Fine Hygienic Holding, recently entered the Pakistani market with four brands; Fine Tissues, the only line of sterilized tissues in the world untouched by human hands, Fine Baby, a range of premium baby diapers with a smart-lock technology, Fine Care, a line of adult diapers and Fine Guard, a leading edge mask with a patented technology that neutralizes germs and viruses upon contact.



In 2020, Fine Tissues were awarded the title “Sterilized Brand of the Decade” by the Family Hygiene Institute and have also been endorsed by medical and wellness professionals in the United States.

But why is this important today?

Our eyes, nose, and mouth are intimate gateways for germs to enter our bodies and tissues touch all three. It is becoming increasingly important that a sterilization process be adopted by hygiene products. All of Fine’s products come with a patented sterilization process that uses ultraviolet waves killing 99.9% of germs and viruses during the manufacturing process, delivering highly sterilized products that are untouched by human hands.

With the need of sanitary hygiene goods rising in the country, Fine’s products were received with open arms. In fact, influencers across social media platforms urged people to become more conscious of the products they were using – especially on their faces.



Following immense success in the Arab World, Fine entered the Pakistani market with a vision to raise the standards of living in the country by providing premium quality, sterilized hygiene products at the same cost as an unsterilized alternative.

In a press conference announcing partnership between Fine and the Quetta Gladiators on February 21, 2021, Fine Wellness Pakistan CEO Moutaz El Nahrawy said, “Wellness is very important to us and we are committed on supporting local, regional and international events initiatives that encourage communities to look after their health”

If you’re curious to know why Fine Tissues have garnered such a response or if you just want to know more about their sterilization process, visit their website: https://www.finetissues.com/

Wednesday 3rd March, 2021:

 ARY Digital proudly conducted its first “ARY People’s Choice Awards”. Commemorating the achievement of  individuals from entertainment, fashion & lifestyle. An opportunity to celebrate noteworthy projects and artisans who have exceled in their field.

In these testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic, ARY Digital feels privileged to recognize and celebrate
those individuals, who have worked tirelessly in order to spread hope and positivity through their professions. In these testing times, ARY Digital has made every effort to ensure the health and safety of all those involved, maintaining by a strict adherence to Covid-19 SOPs. The awards ceremony hosted by Ahmed Butt and Vasay Chaudhry was recorded on a closed set with zero public attendance.

Comprised of 29 categories, the audience at home were encouraged to cast their votes via online polls, supporting their favorites. Conducted throughout the month of February 2021, the event received an over whelming response from fans and patron. With multiple options available in each category, ranging from an actor’s skill in a particular role to clothing design, ARY People’s Choice Awards had something in store for everyone. Special awards were also given to some of the most prominent programs in their particular categories.

ARY Peoples Choice Awards is sponsored by Brite, Presented by Tresemme, Powered by TUC, Canolive, Nestle Cerelac & Digitally Connected by Jazz Super 4G.

The following is the list of winners after a month long voting process by the fans, which is a testament to the quality of the productions and the talent of the artists as shown by the public:

  1. Favorite Drama Serial 2020 (LONG FORMAT) – BHARAAS ( Humayun Saeed, Producer)
  2. Favorite Drama Serial 2020 (REGULAR FORMAT) – ISHQIYA ( Ali Kazmi , Producer)
  3. Favorite Actor in a Role of Husband – AHMED ALI BUTT (JHOOTI)–
  5. Favorite Actress in a Role of Maa – SABA FAISAL (GHISI PITI MOHABBAT)
  6. Favorite Actor in a Role of Baap – MOHAMMAD AHMED (RUSWAI)
  7. Favorite Actress in a Role of Bahu – HIRA MANI (GHALTI)
  8. Favorite Actress in a Role of Behen – HANIA AMIR (ISHQIYA)
  9. Favorite Actor – FEROZE KHAN (ISHQIYA)
  10. Favorite Actress – RAMSHA KHAN (GHISI PITI MOHABBAT)
  11. Favorite Actress in a Role of Bhabi – MINAL KHAN (NAND)
  12. Favorite Actor in a Role of Bhai – AFFAN WAHEED (GHALATI)
  13. Favorite Actor in a Role of Damad – GOHAR RASHEED (ISHQIYA)
  14. Favorite Director – BADAR MEHMOOD (ISHQIYA)
  15. Favorite Actors in a Role of Dost – FAYSAL QURESHI (LOG KYA KAHENGE)
  16. Favorite Actress in a Role of Nand – SANA JAVED (RUSWAI)
  17. Favorite Actress in a Role of Saas – SEEMI PASHA (ISHQIYA)
  18. Favorite Actor in a Role of Sasur – KHALID ANUM (ISHQIYA)
  19. Favorite Actress in a Role of Wife – AREEBA HABIB (JALAN)
  20. New Emerging Talent (Male) – OSAMA TAHIR (RUSWAI)
  21. New Emerging Talent (FEMALE) – DUR E FISHAN SALEEM (BHARAS
  22. Favorite OST – Ishqiya
  23. Favorite Sitcom – Bulbulay
  24. Favorite Writer – Fasi Bari (GHISI PITI MOHABBAT)
  25. Makeup – DEPILEX
  26. Female Model – MUSHK KALEEM
  27. Model Male – EMAD IRFANI
  28. Designer Couture – HSY
  29. Designer (PRET) – KHAADI

Special Awards:

  1. Merey Paas Tum Ho- Biggest Drama Ever in the History of Pakistan. ( Humayun Saeed & Nadeem Baig)
  2. Jeeto Pakistan- Fahad Mustafa ( The biggest Game Show of Pakistan)
  3. Shaan E Ramzan- Waseem Badami ( The biggest Ramzan Transmission of Pakistan)
  4. Good Morning Pakistan- Nida Yasir ( The most watched Morning Show of Pakistan)

Please find below the link of the winners with trophies from the event:


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