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Karachi: As new parents to a three-month old, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to social media and especially Facebook parenting communities. When Misha was born, her father and I had just moved from Karachi to Islamabad. As if the move wasn’t big enough, being thrust into motherhood without my own mom to guide me through it gave me full blown anxiety.

One night, after my husband put Misha to sleep, he came to sit by me. I lay my head down on his shoulder and started crying. I had spent the entire day with my baby wrapped across my belly while I cleaned our new space and unpacked our belongings. At some point while I was clearing this up, I felt warmth growing all across my body. I know I was feeling hot – but this was very strange. I went to my bathroom mirror to see what had happened and then I saw it. Misha’s diaper had leaked and I just couldn’t take it anymore; I was covered in baby pee and poo, I was surrounded by cartons and my baby was now wailing because she had become aware of the wetness. I looked at myself in the mirror, sat down on the bathroom floor and started bawling.

You see this wasn’t the first time Misha’s diaper had leaked. I have tried and tested three diaper brands since she was born – all of them leaked, most of them gave her rashes and none of them allowed for a full-night’s sleep – neither for Misha nor for her parents. We were so sure we were doing something wrong that we took Misha to the pediatrics where a nurse checked to see if we had the right size and had put the diaper on correctly or not. To our surprise, we had done everything right. The nurse suggested a different brand and we changed it. Thrice.

When I lost all confidence, I turned to the one place I had the least hope in; social media. I know people are generally helpful, but they are also awfully judgmental – and I was just too vulnerable to be attacked for not knowing how to handle my own baby.

I put up a status asking if there were any mommy/parenting groups I could join to exchange parenting advice. Thankfully I got an entire list of recommended groups. Overwhelmed, I started my foray into the world of virtual mommies, baby brands and meal plans. There were thousands and sifting through them to find the right ones for me was a task and a half. Anywhere I felt the slightly bit of judgment was a no-go zone for me.

After all my research, there were eight groups with mommies who went out of their way to help me find the perfect solution to my diaper problems. I went in there with all my guards up but the moms on the group were so accommodating – and best of all was that all of them seemed to have been through similar issues.

Anyway, what I learned really quickly was that the size and type of diaper mattered a lot. I was using the premium line of one of the most popular international brands but it wasn’t suiting my baby at all. Then I moved to the most popular local brand but the leaking would not stop! Many of the moms I came across on Facebook suggested I give new diaper brand Fine Baby a try. Resistant to just one group of mommies suggesting the brand, I went on all the groups I was part of to find out what diapers they recommended.


Still unconvinced, I started looking up reviews everywhere.





Today, after one month of using Fine Baby diapers, I am here to acknowledge and thank all my mom-pals on the Facebook groups for pushing me to do my research and give them a try.

For those who want to know, apart from all the reviews, I did a whole lot of research on my own before making the final switch. Here is why I decided to give Fine Baby a chance:

  • Fine diapers are recommended by doctors and medical experts. It also won the Pediatric Product of the Year award in 2018.
  • They are highly absorbent and soft. I love the fact that they have a lotioned diaper bed.
  • They use a smart-lock technology that prevents leakages.

I did have one bad experience with the diaper magic-tape becoming loose but that entire packet seemed to have been damaged. Overall, these diapers are great and have really changed my life. I am extremely satisfied and I think my baby is too.

For those mommies out there struggling with similar issues, here are the eight mommy-communities I have loved being a part of:

  • Babies and bumps
  • Parenting 360
  • Ask the village
  • Mom tribe market
  • Mom tribe Pakistan
  • Super creative mama
  • Women of today
  • The motherhood forum community

I don’t know if this will help anyone out there or not, but I really needed to read something like this a couple of months ago. I hope it helps all the new mommies and daddies out there who just need a little hand from time-to-time. Be kind guys, raising a child isn’t easy!


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