Karachi: In today’s day and age, every Arshad, Jamshed and Bilquis can be seen donning masks and squirting liquid sanitizer on their hands. Recently, however, conversation on hygiene seems to have flooded social media. Given the unpredictable nature of the current times – it is, perhaps, a blessing that hygiene and sanitization have finally taken center stage. After all, hygiene has become one of those crucial factors that help us distinguish a healthy person from one likely to attract disease.

Anumta Faisal, an influencer on Instagram put up this public service message about the importance of hygiene and the use of sterilized products, especially with coronavirus on the rise.


Fitness expert and influencer Daniyal Afzal Khan also took some time out to talk about the etiquettes of working out at a gym and why staying clean means staying fine – for you and those around you.


One company in specific, however, made waves like no other when it came to clean products.



Fine Tissues, a product of Fine Hygienic Holding, recently entered the Pakistani market with four brands; Fine Tissues, the only line of sterilized tissues in the world untouched by human hands, Fine Baby, a range of premium baby diapers with a smart-lock technology, Fine Care, a line of adult diapers and Fine Guard, a leading edge mask with a patented technology that neutralizes germs and viruses upon contact.



In 2020, Fine Tissues were awarded the title “Sterilized Brand of the Decade” by the Family Hygiene Institute and have also been endorsed by medical and wellness professionals in the United States.

But why is this important today?

Our eyes, nose, and mouth are intimate gateways for germs to enter our bodies and tissues touch all three. It is becoming increasingly important that a sterilization process be adopted by hygiene products. All of Fine’s products come with a patented sterilization process that uses ultraviolet waves killing 99.9% of germs and viruses during the manufacturing process, delivering highly sterilized products that are untouched by human hands.

With the need of sanitary hygiene goods rising in the country, Fine’s products were received with open arms. In fact, influencers across social media platforms urged people to become more conscious of the products they were using – especially on their faces.



Following immense success in the Arab World, Fine entered the Pakistani market with a vision to raise the standards of living in the country by providing premium quality, sterilized hygiene products at the same cost as an unsterilized alternative.

In a press conference announcing partnership between Fine and the Quetta Gladiators on February 21, 2021, Fine Wellness Pakistan CEO Moutaz El Nahrawy said, “Wellness is very important to us and we are committed on supporting local, regional and international events initiatives that encourage communities to look after their health”

If you’re curious to know why Fine Tissues have garnered such a response or if you just want to know more about their sterilization process, visit their website: https://www.finetissues.com/


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