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Digital media sensation, Shahveer Jafry, speaks to Mehek Raza Rizvi about life off and on camera

When you first started vlogging, did you think of taking it up as a full-time career?

I started making comedy videos as a hobby and I would still call it one. I’m lucky to be doing what I love. I believe digital media is going to get even bigger in the future, so it’s definitely a sustainable career choice.

What was your breakout moment?

I have a few good videos, however, I’m still waiting for a “breakout moment.”

Tell us about the “Wolf Crew.” How did the idea of building a team occur to you?

It’s true when they say you’re only as good as your team. I learnt at a young age that it’s important to surround yourself with individuals who can help you grow and achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself. I wouldn’t be where I am without the energy my team adds to my videos.

“I learnt at a young age that it’s important to surround yourself with individuals who can help you grow and achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself”

Why do some of the recurring faces suddenly go missing from your vlogs?

I’ve generally been very lucky with the people who I’ve worked with, including the ones that aren’t part of the team anymore. Sometimes, however, you find your goals and paths differ. That being said, behind the scenes, we all remain good friends.

You conceptualise, record and edit your videos yourself. How much time goes into the production of each video? Run us through the creative process.

Each video takes a few days to shoot and a full day to edit. I wake up everyday not knowing what I’ll be vlogging that day. I tend to go with the flow.

You’re based in Canada but your main audience is Pakistani. Do you think of that as a limitation?

I don’t think of it as a limitation at all, because my audience enjoys watching a Pakistani staying true to his desi roots while living in Canada. However, personally I do find making videos in Pakistan a lot more fulfilling.

Most of your audience consists of teenagers and you’ve spoken of them as your biggest asset. What’s the key to remaining relatable?

Having a younger audience is a blessing since they grow up with you. You end up becoming a part of their daily lives. I try my best to make family-friendly content, with a lot of energy to keep my self relatable to the younger audience.

“My audience enjoys watching a Pakistani staying true to his desi roots while living in Canada”

Despite the recent drama surrounding Pakistani YouTubers, you’ve managed to stay fairly calm. What are your thoughts on that?

I’ve realised over time that reacting to drama only drags you down. I try to stay away from it.

“Mama Jafry” seems to have become a brand in itself through your vlogs. Tell us about your relationship with your mother.

I featured Mama Jafry in one of my vlogs and people absolutely loved her. Like every mother and son, we share a special bond. She keeps me humble and grounded, yet motivates me to dream big.

What is Shahveer Jafry like behind the camera?

Exactly as he is infront of the camera, except much slimmer. Everytime someone meets me in person, they tell me I’m much slimmer than they had expected.

“ If my dreams come true, people will see me in cinemas for sure”

Is it true that you’ll be moving to Pakistan soon?

Yes, it’s true and I’m looking forward to it.

Where do you hope to take your career in the coming years? Is acting on the cards?

Contributing towards the growth and betterment of the Pakistani film industry is the goal. If my dreams come true, people will see me in cinemas for sure.

Short & Sweet

Funniest crew member?

Ali bhai

Which crew member offers the best advice?


The one crew member who always messes up a script

Ali bhai

Which crew member are you closest to?

All of them

A habit of yours that annoys your team?

I’m a perfectionist

Describe the following crew members in one word:

Sunny: Hilarious

Rooh: Model material

Fatima: Boss

Ali bhai: Gumshuda

PK: Adventurous

What’s your relationship status?

Forever single. I think I’ll die single too

Your biggest strength?

My resilience

Photography: Aadil at Guddu Shani
Project management: Batool at Guddu Shani
Hair & Makeup for western look: Toni & Guy
Hair & Makeup for eastern look: Tooba at Guddu Shani
Styling for Shahveer, Rooh & Sunny: Shamail Butt
Styling for Fatima & Aniqa: Mehek Raza Rizvi
Wardrobe: MANGO, Zuria Dor & Bareeze Man
Location: Al-Fatah

Over three hundred million tons of plastic is produced annually. 50% of this is for single-use purposes, after which it remains on the planet as waste for at least several hundred years. More than eight million tons of this is dumped into our oceans.  Photograhper Mohsin Khawar puts together an editorial to raise awareness.

Marine life can get entangled in or ingest plastic, causing suffocation and choking


Not only do plastic bags lead to the release of millions of tons of CO2 every year, they also never break down completely, leading to clogged storm drains, making way for flooding
When water gets extracted to be sold in bottles, many natural water supplies dry up

Discarded plastic bags make soil infertile

According to research, there are more plastic pieces in the world’s oceans than the amount of plankton

Photography: Mohsin Khawar

Talent: Mehrunnisa, Bilal, Shakeeb & Shahnam

Art direction: Aysha Mohsin

Hair & makeup: Sonia Nazir


When did you first realise you want to be a fashion designer?

It was just written in my fate

First outfit you designed?

For a friend’s sister for Rs. 3500

Three skills one needs to survive in fashion.

  1. Imagination
  2. Vision
  3. Craft

Describe fashion weeks in 3 words?

  1. Ostentatious
  2. Theatrical
  3. Fun

How do you react to fashion being called frivolous, wasteful and indulgent?

All of this works for me. I made a career out of it

Apart from yourself, which Pakistani designers Do you think are doing admirable work?

Faraz Manan and Elan

Favourite models from the current lot?

Zara Abid

Who would you say is your muse?

Meesha Shafi

How do you react to knockoffs?

*Eye Roll*

A Fashion trend you can’t stand?

Patiala shalwar

Your response to those who call your personal style over the top?

I hope they get well soon

Last impulsive buy?

Fenty Block-T glasses

Your most prized item of clothing or accessory?

I wear my pride and that has no price tag

Describe the Ali Xeeshan bride?

Royalty meets cool

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next few years?

Operating from all fashion capitals of the world

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