Over three hundred million tons of plastic is produced annually. 50% of this is for single-use purposes, after which it remains on the planet as waste for at least several hundred years. More than eight million tons of this is dumped into our oceans.  Photograhper Mohsin Khawar puts together an editorial to raise awareness.

Marine life can get entangled in or ingest plastic, causing suffocation and choking


Not only do plastic bags lead to the release of millions of tons of CO2 every year, they also never break down completely, leading to clogged storm drains, making way for flooding
When water gets extracted to be sold in bottles, many natural water supplies dry up

Discarded plastic bags make soil infertile

According to research, there are more plastic pieces in the world’s oceans than the amount of plankton

Photography: Mohsin Khawar

Talent: Mehrunnisa, Bilal, Shakeeb & Shahnam

Art direction: Aysha Mohsin

Hair & makeup: Sonia Nazir


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