We asked some of Pakistan’s leading lights about the most regrettable things they have spent their money on:


Adnan Siddiqui, actor:

I once bought a pair of Russell and Bromley shoes in three different colours! Black, brown, and burgundy. There was no need! My father used to joke that I use a different polish on the same shoe everyday.


JuggAn Kazim, actress:

I usually end up buying kitchen utensils and gadgets that I don’t use. I bought an industrial size mixer/blender gizmo that I haven’t used in a year and a half. Also I bought really funky cake moulds and chopping boards that haven’t even been unwrapped. Fashion wise I bought a pair of Roberto Cavalli gold heels because they were on sale at 50% off and a Prada bag at the same discount a year ago. Never wore them and gave them away two days ago. I love sales but I often buy stupid stuff that I will never use because the Lahori in me loves a great bargain. Lesson learnt I hope.


Mehreen Raheal, actress:

I can be an impulsive shopper, and I also hate trying on clothes! I often end up with outfits that hang in my closet forever and are eventually given away. A shiny pink Dolce n Gabbana bag which I love, and my husband hates, makes me wish I’d settled for something else!


Sharmila Farooqi, politician:

Hair bonding was a bad idea!


Ali Xeeshan, designer:

I tried cold liposuction. It didn’t work at all. Money and time totally wasted!


HSY, designer:

When I first shaved my head in 2005 I was very embarrassed. I bought tons and tons of hats and bandennas, koi taaki milti thi baand laita tha. Then after a year I became comfortable with my shaved head, and now I love it, it’s central to my identity!


Frieha Altaf, event manager:

Buying my office was a stupid move on my part! I later learnt that in business it’s better to rent. The property hasn’t gone up in price and now I need to move again. Also, I just went to Phuket over Eid break. Went with family and it rained 4 days in a row — no sunshine, no tan, no scuba diving! Should have checked the weather report!


Mehrunnisa Khan, designer:

This one time I bought two new iPhones because I couldn’t decide which colour I wanted!


Kamiar Rokni, designer:

I once bought super expensive Italian shoes that seemed comfortable when I tried them. When I wore them for over an hour they nearly made me cry. I never wore them again. I could have replenished my entire wardrobe for the amount I spent!


Rezz Aly Shah, event manager:

I guess buying so many clothes in a smaller size and hoping I’ll lose weight, which I haven’t, so my cupboard is full of clothes which I can’t wear as I’m a balloon! Money and hope wasted.

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