GT talks to Bushra and Zainab of Jawahir Jewellery

What is your idea of style for the modern woman?

Bushra Butt: Being able to carry everything and anything with confidence.

Zainab Yousuf: The modern woman’s style is functional, comfortable, minimal yet stylish. The woman of today is a career woman, a mother, a woman of many facets. She needs a fuss-free sense of style which makes her look beautiful yet is easy to achieve.

Which living person do you most admire for his or her signature style?

Bushra Butt: I don’t admire any one person in particular because I believe each one of us has a unique style representing who we are and what we believe in and I admire that about everyone.

Zainab Yousuf: I admire Queen Rania for her amazing style, her elegance, poise and grace. Despite being a Queen, she gives off a ‘real woman’ vibe, never overdone, never flamboyant, always elegant.


Which living person in Pakistan inspires you?

Bushra Butt: I admire Pakistani women in general for becoming more independent and not only understanding what their rights are but actually making an effort to fight for them.

Zainab Yousuf: I’m inspired by strong women, women who are survivors of difficult or unfortunate circumstances. I look up to Malala, a true survivor, such a young girl who has achieved so much already. Her journey, what she went through, who she has become now, an achiever who hasn’t forgotten where she came from.

What is the trait you most admire in people?

Bushra Butt: Humility.

Zainab Yousuf: I like genuine people, with a strong centre, people who are connected to their emotions, who are comfortable in their skin. They are who they are, immense strength lies in that.


Name a local celebrity whose style you admire?

Bushra Butt: Noor Jehan. I feel her personality was larger than life and that’s what I admire about her the most.

Zainab Yousuf: Aminah Sheikh and Mahira Khan.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Bushra Butt: Vacations. If I have anything more than a week off I must absolutely get far away.

Zainab Yousuf: Like most women, spa beauty treatments and retail therapy of any kind!

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Bushra Butt: I love you but I love me more!

Zainab Yousuf: Let go. Be present in the moment. Positivity. Gratitude. Yoga again!

What is your greatest achievement?

Bushra Butt: Being the youngest MPA in Punjab assembly.

Zainab Yousuf: Being a mother to my four-year-old-son, having my jewelry line, and being a fitness and well-being expert to women are all  achievements in my life.


What is your favourite daily wear attire?

Zainab Yousuf: My super comfortable Yoga leggings, a tank-top and a long flowey shirt on top with a scarf and flat pumps.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Bushra Butt: My husband primarily because I admire him for the person he is. I feel there is so much to learn from him that will help me grow as a person.

Zainab Yousuf: My son Ayaan is the love of my life. I gain a lot a lot of strength from him. What I have achieved is because of him.

What is the quality you most like in a woman?

Bushra Butt: Her ability to multi-task.

Name an essential item every woman should have.

Bushra Butt: No accessory has more style than the scarf. Versatile, inexpensive and practical, the scarf is worth its weight in fashion gold.

Zainab Yousuf: An everyday bag with enough space in it for her daily essentials as well as the child’s! A pair of pearl earrings, and a yoga mat!


What is your collection’s most marked characteristic?

Bushra Butt: Bold and beautiful.

Zainab Yousuf: Jawahir features richness of design, our pieces are eclectic, versatile, they can be worn formally as well as casually or semi formally.  You can wear our pieces with a jumpsuit or jeans, western wear or to a wedding with a gharara. Therefore our collection is very multi dimensional.

Where do you see your brand 5 years from now?

Bushra Butt: In the list of a “MUST HAVE”

Zainab Yousuf: Five years from now I see Jawahir having its on retail store locally, slowly branching out its retail nation wide.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

Bushra Butt: Tolerance. It’s good to be tolerant but some people take that as a weakness and try to invade your boundaries.

What is your favorite journey?

Zainab Yousuf: Yoga is the best journey I have undertaken in my life. The beauty of its philosophy, the spirituality, the strength, the athletic grace, the positivity, I can go on and on. Trying to apply those principles in my everyday life has been life-changing.

What in future do you consider your greatest achievement?

Zainab Yousuf: Seeing our jewelry brand become a household name in terms of fashion accessories. Having different lines, ranging from a premium line to one that is universally affordable as well. Taking Jawahir on an international level, stocking locally as well as abroad, meeting the immense demand that we are facing for online shopping, within Pakistan and internationally as well, is on the agenda for 2015.

What do you dislike most in your wardrobe?

Bushra Butt: The clothes that I’ve never worn and will not wear!

If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?

Bushra Butt: Bushra Butt but a little less sensitive!

Text: Marium Ali Khan
Photography: Gibran Jamshed
Hair & makeup: Mahvish Hasan
Outfits: Tena Durrani

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