Junaid Khan has been the lead vocalist of the band Call since 2003, a group known for its hard core, metal and rock music. Junaid has stood out with his strong vocals with songs like Sub Bhula Ke, Shayad and Hojanay De. Junaid has won several awards and to prove his talent even more he is also a successful actor and has worked in promising projects such as Tumhari Maryam, Jalti Rayt Par, Natak, Mujhey Rootney na Denay, Mata e Jaan, Nikkah and many more. Junaid chats with Sana Zehra

What are you doing right now?

I’m shooting with the awesome GT peeps along with the stylist Ethesham Ansari.

Favourite place on earth?


Favourite food?

Paaye and naan

Denim or Pants?

Slim fit pants

Collar or T-shirt?


One thing you can’t live without?

Cell phone

What is love?

Love is heaven.

What’s on your IPod right now?

Ironically, I don’t have an IPod.

Favourite song to play on the guitar?

With Arms Wide Open by Creed.

Your go-to song to sing while getting ready for a night out is…

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

Song for a romantic night in?

Wicked by Chris Isaak

While in the shower you sing…

It’s My life by Bon Jovi

While walking down the street I hum…

Any song by Bryan Adams.

If Adele came up to you right now what would you say to her?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding her weight. I’d just tell her you are a great looking woman and you will look even more beautiful after losing a bit but I’m happy to see how proud you are of yourself. Positive body image all the way!

What is the closest you ever came to death?

I was going back from work and I was really tired and just as I was about to doze off at the wheel when all of a sudden for a brief second I closed my eyes and woke up again. Glad to be safe and alive!

Biggest inspiration?

Life in general.There is not one thing and not a single person, there are lot of things in this world like nature, people and events, which inspire me and I just collect the best out of all of them.

Pet peeve?

Diva attitude

If you weren’t a singer you’d be?

I’m an engineer by profession with an MBA. I was doing a 9 to 5 before this, so most probably the same routine.

Favourite perk of your job?

Doing what I love and pursuing my passion I think that’s the best part of what I do.

How did you make your first buck?

I was working at a call centre right after I graduated. Won’t forget that ever!

Last thing you binge watched?

South Park Season 16.

Song you’d listen to back to back?

Sun Yara title track of my play

First album you ever bought?

Junoon first album Talash.

One thing you are really bad at?

I’m bad at saying no at times.

Superhero power you’d want to have?

Flying! I won’t need visas anymore.

Favourite fan moment?

There was this lady who came up to me right after my concert and asked me where I got the surgery done from? I was a bit taken back and asked which surgery? She answered surgery that makes you look so good. (Laughs)

Three Qualities you’d want in your partner?




Advice to men with a broken heart?

Move on—-if your heart has just been broken, trust me there is someone else for you somewhere. It is absolutely that true couples are made in heaven. If you are single right now there must be someone somewhere for you for sure.

Relationship advice to a 15 years old Junaid?

Stress less. People come and go, such is life.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done for a woman?

I am not that crazy but yeah took a pirate boat ride and regretted it afterwards.

How many donuts can you eat in one sitting?

I absolutely love sweets! So 3 to 4.

Agree or disagree? Harry Potter was selfish as some people claim?

Thankfully I’ve never seen any of the films.

What do you do when a baby stares at you?


Favourite kind of cookie?

Chocolate chip

What’s best done slowly?


Best dressed man in the industry?

Fawad Khan

What do you think when you are alone?

Relax and unwind

Song which would describe your work ethic?

Tough one never thought about that one before. Here I am by Bryan Adams.

“I was going

back from work and I was really tired and just as

I was about to doze off at the wheel when all of a sudden for a brief second I closed my eyes and woke up again. Glad to be safe and alive!”

If we came to your house for dinner what would you make us?

Any type of eggs

What is at the edge of the universe?

The world is round. Yee haw!

If you leave the galaxy what will you find?


What would be your dj name?

Dj Khan

Would you rather be a giant or a microscopic?


One word for marriage?


One word for awards?

Only for the famous

On screen romance?

Of course!

One word on being human?


One word: Fahad Mustafa?

Very good performer

Advice: Sanam Saeed?

More onscreen presence please

Advice: Mathira?

She can learn a lot more dance moves other than just belly dancing.

Why is your band named Call?

Long story but basically it means a message.

Interview by Sana Zehra

Hair by Clippers for men

Stylist Ehtesham Ansari

Photography by Arsalan Bilgrami of a.bilgrami studio

Location: HSY Mansion

Outfits: Humayun Alamgir, Deepak & Fahad, Splash and Naushemian

Shoes by HushPuppies

Good Times


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