Happy New Year dear readers! We have made it into the new decade (although there is debate on whether that would start in 2021 or now in 2020, but we’ll go with the majority on this). The new year is always a time for new beginnings, resolutions that we don’t intend on keeping till past February, gym routines that we eagerly begin (but leave shortly after) and constantly writing the wrong year in the date column. With the ’20s decade of this century beginning, many people are gearing up for the roaring twenties to repeat themselves. Let’s hope that if so, these years aren’t followed by the Great Depression!

It’s also a time for reflection and looking into the past in the hopes for a better future. With the world in such turmoil and gripped with strife nowadays, I do hope more and more people decide to pick up history books, begin more open dialogue and work towards global harmony. As a lot of us have been analysing the previous decade, looking for the highs and lows and the best and worst pictures posted on social media, I have compiled a short list of what I hope to see for the next ten years.

Intercultural Tolerance

This might seem a bit heavy-handed, however, I believe it’s imperative that we come together as peoples of the world and strive to leave a peaceful place for future generations to come. This solution might seem simplistic and it probably is, but in my opinion, a deeper understanding of what we categorise as the “other” allows greater empathy that is conducive to building bridges to bypass political boundaries.

Climate Love

I hope most of you are climate change believers, who’re aware of the destruction that will be wreaked upon us if we don’t do something about it. Already we see the effects of the yearly increase in smog and the deteriorating air quality across Pakistan. Shifting weather patterns are also clearly visible now. What needs to be done is to make more people aware of this and make a conscious effort to do better. Lots of resources are available online or you can seek out activists in your area who’re working diligently on this issue.

Future is Woman

Women right’s movements picked up dramatically in the last half of the previous decade; let’s hope they don’t lose steam and continue to spread their message to all parts of the country, as well as around the world through their international counterparts. Here’s to seeing more and more women making their own choices and not boxed in by patriarchal social norms. Here’s to hoping the next ten years bring women more freedom, security, equality and complete autonomy over their own bodies.

Cultural and Artistic Renaissance

For Pakistan specifically, I hope to see a cultural renaissance take place. We’ve already had the revival of the cinematic arts and pockets of music and performance art are rising up around the country. I certainly hope that at the end of the decade, we are back to celebrating our culture and the arts the way they were meant to be. Freedom of expression is essential to the growth of a nation and I pray that this decade brings that to fruition for all those working assiduously to breathe life into the once dying arts scene of Pakistan. However, any such renaissance wouldn’t be complete without due light shed on our minority cultures and artisanal crafts practices.

Return of the Flappers?

Fashion has been quite cyclical, with trends repeating themselves ever so often. What I’m excited about is to see whether we’ll have an official return of fashion from the 1920s. Many collections have been inspired by the flappers and a host of Gatsby themed parties take place every year. Perhaps our perpetual obsession with the ethos of that era will come back full force now that we’re officially in the ’20s for this decade.  Let’s wait and find out. Although I would appreciate it if men’s fashion can keep away from the wide lapels of that era – I can’t pull that look off!

To Infinity and Beyond

Throughout the past couple of decades a technological revolution has been taking place. Those born after 2000 are probably unaware, but those of us born earlier have seen this shift. We might have become a bit complacent with the latest developments in tech; but looking at them closely, one just marvels at how one hundred years ago we probably didn’t even think of things that are possible now. The science geek in me is anxiously awaiting for what is to come. Will we make contact with extra-terrestrial life? Will Mars and the Moon be settled? Will we cure cancer? The possibilities are endless.

The new year, and indeed the new decade is always a chance to start fresh. Even though it’s just an arbitrary marker of the passage of time, it allows us the opportunity to put behind the past and move ahead with renewed vigour. Many of us fail to keep our resolutions and relapse into old habits. The key here is to manage your own expectations and have smaller milestones set for yourselves, so that achieving them is possible. Wishing you all a very happy new decade and the strength to come out better on the other side.

Good Times


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