We spoke to 22-year-old entrepreneur BISMA AKBAR about her latest venture, her inspiration and future plans

You’ve just launched your line of perfumes. Tell us a little about that.
Each fragrance in our line is distinct and unique. We tried to make sure that we offer fragrances for different moods and occasions. Sweet Heaven is a delicate scent, perfect for intimate dinners while Shining Mystery has earthy tones that are ideal for office and school wear.

Who is your inspiration?
I definitely take inspiration from the great design houses of the world, Cavalli, Gucci and so forth; But beyond that, I found a huge lack of authentic and local perfume brands. So I ventured to create my own.

How did this idea come into being?
I collaborated with the creative team behind Junaid Jamshed who I knew through professional interaction. They were generous enough to work with me and shared my vision.

You have so many things on your plate — designing and now this new business venture. How do you find time for everything?
I try to move away from the 24-hour grind mentality. The fact is that efficient management of time is the most important thing while ensuring health in your lifestyle. That means eating well and sleeping well. Managing clothing, denim, and now fragrances alongside my work with Master keeps my plate full but with a dedicated team and a calm mindset most things are possible.

What made you choose Waliya and Faizan for the shoot?
We wanted an approachable look to the brand. Celebrities, especially in Pakistan, become associated with all sorts of different brand images and we wanted to be more thoughtful with what we were going for. Instead of the product being spoken for by the model, it speaks for itself and is elevated by the fantastic work that Faizan and Waliya did.

Will there be other upcoming beauty products under Bisma Akbar beauty?
We hope to make this into a full beauty line. But you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

You’ve said you want to pursue politics in the future. Is that still the plan? How did an interest in politics come about?
Well, I’ve been dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister since I was a child. It has a lot to do with the unfortunate circumstances that we find our beloved country. Poverty is such a visible and distressing issue and that’s my main motivation. I’ve already decided on hopefully beginning my political career as soon as I turn 25.

Who’s your inspiration?
Definitely Benazir Bhutto. Her strength of character in the face of adversity was so inspiring and her death was a tragedy that continues to live with me. Her legacy is so important and I always think if we can even be a shadow of what she was we will be the best of Pakistan.

Do you have any regrets?
Regrets are unproductive. I’m constantly looking and moving forward but yes we all have regrets in our personal life. As far as professional life is concerned I am extraordinarily content and thankful to almighty Allah.

What would you say to young people that look up to you and might be struggling right now?
Belief is everything. Everything we do follows from our willingness to do it and our believing in it. If we don’t believe we can do something we certainly can’t. But if we strive with our person to do it then there is no way we can not achieve almost anything!

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