december 16-31 2021


This year, fill your resolutions list with fun, easy and feel-good goals. These additions to your daily life will keep your mind and body healthy, ease your stress, make your skin glow and help you manage the crazy in your life!

It’s best to start small and gradually inculcate each goal into your daily life. Remember to make a mental note of this – progress isn’t linear. Deciding to be better and challenging yourself is great but don’t forget to have fun along the way!

Here’s a list of a few New Year’s resolutions to help you get started:

1: Start your morning with a stretching routine and intentional breathing: While stretching keeps you flexible and mobile, intentional breathing is a powerful tool that keeps your stress and anxiety in check.

2: Drink plenty of water: Make sure to have at least 8 glasses of water a day! Staying hydrated will have a positive effect on both your physical and mental health.

3: Move more, sit less: Make it a goal to start taking daily walks. A walk in the fresh air will surely boost your mood.

4: Adopt an attitude of gratitude: It has been scientifically proven that people who practice gratitude have stronger immune systems. An attitude of gratitude isn’t adopted overnight — be patient with yourself, and work towards building a conscious mindset to focus on the positives in every situation.

5: Stay in touch with your loved ones: Living through a global pandemic has definitely reiterated the importance of family and friends in our lives. Pick up your phone and make that call; they miss you too!

6: Live simply, consume less and set a monthly budget: You work hard to earn and better your quality of life. Make sure to have fun but don’t forget to be a little more conscious of your spending decisions. Saving is essential when it comes to long-term security.

7: Develop a skincare routine: A skincare routine improves the health of your skin, boosts confidence and slows down ageing – when you take care of yourself and look good, you feel good!

8: Try something new: What’s something that you’ve been wanting to try? Break out of your comfort zone; now is the time to finally do it!

9: Take more frequent breaks: Rest, relaxation and improved sleep is essential for better mental health. Moreover, rest helps increase productivity, improve concentration and reduce stress.

10: Take time to appreciate your accomplishments: Remember to take out 5 minutes every single day to appreciate yourself and everything that you do. Be proud of yourself; you’re doing great!

In conversation with influencer Maham AKA Desi Baguette about her life as an expat, her favourite things to do in Lahore and more

You called yourself Simran but with chins, how did you come up with that?
Well Simran, is the equivialent for a brown Disney princess. The one who gets her Raj against all odds. But what happens once

Bau Jee lets her go and tells her to “jee lay apni zindagi”?
All I want to show on my platform is realness and eradicate all forms of these perfect lives and perfect bodies we see splattered all around us. I have never fit into the social norms that defines beauty but I still wear my flaws like a shining shield because they are what make me, me; and that is what makes me the happiest — my identity and the ability to be enough.

Tell us about how you started your blog. Was it a planned decision?
Desi Baguette was born out of intense nostalgia, loneliness, the awe fully inspiring city of Paris — which gave me marital bliss sometimes but consistent woes of an expat life. It wasn’t planned at all. I come from a big fat loud Punjabi family. Our after dinner mehfils are endless. When I went from that to eating alone and not even being able to communicate my order because of the language barrier, I felt like I needed to record that so one day I can tell my kids proudly, I survived this phase of my life!

How did you come up with the name Desi baguette and what’s the significance?
I was a true Lahori girl whose parathas were replaced by baguettes but I would still dip them in the aloo gosht shorba — that is what Desi Baguette means to me. There is no specific story behind it, just that this page was born out of intense nostalgia, sometimes marital bliss and the never ending woes of an expat life. Of course all of this was topped off by me swinging my saree palloo to Bollywood music no matter what the situation in my life. First around the Eiffel tower, where i was living right after my wedding and now someone near Harrods where I’m on a constant lookout for Karan Johar.

What are the pros and cons about being an influencer?
The pros of having a public account and a handful of people who follow you keeps me going so much. It has given me the utmost confidence, an ego boost, validation and definitely a source of motivation to find happiness in the dullest situations. The biggest example being the lockdown. I feel super lucky to have people along with me who accept me and love me for who I am. I’ll pull a Shahrukh here and I will say: it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world!
The only con for having a public image is the trolling that comes with it. However, I have learnt to embrace the fact that all types of comments will come in and they won’t always be what you want to hear. The love that I get overshadows the trolls.

If you could change one thing about social media, what would it be?
The cancel culture! When did we become so rigid and incapable of letting things go? I cannot deal with the apathy, heartlessness and giving the other person no room for error.

You talk about life as an expat a lot on your blog. What, in your opinion, is the hardest part about being away from home?
It’s literally an everyday effort. Some days takes its toll on you – being away from your loved ones. The hardest part of being away is always living in the fear that ‘what if something happens.’ The biggest what if was looming over our heads in the year 2020 when travel was restricted. It gave me straight up anxiety.

Tell us about your favourite places to visit at home in Lahore.
Haye. I picture Lahore as I write this: I step out of the airport and the familiar scene of people standing with phollon walay haar crosses my eyes. My eyes scan for my father’s familiar face. We drive down Burki Road and I see all the streets I know so well. The streets that raised me. Lahore always feels like home. Whether it’s the paratha rolls in H block or the grocery runs in Y block, friends’ hangouts at Rina’s (specially for their cold coffee) or secret dates at Hotspot, I will always fantasize about Lahore and every single place that has memories etched in the back of my head. I cannot pinpoint one single place but of course
When I step out of the Allama Iqbal International Airport and the familiar scene crosses my eyes of people standing with phoolon kay haar and my eyes scan for that one familiar face of my father. Driving down the Burki road, the familiar streets which raised me. From paratha rolls in H block to grocery runs in Y block. Friends hangout in Rina’s for their cold coffee and secret dates in hotspot. I fantasize Lahore and every place which has memories etched in the back of my head. I cannot pinpoint one place but ofcourse that every home that welcomes me with open arms, is my favourite place to be.

Do you have any regrets about your journey?
None at all! I truly believe everything happens for a reason, God is the best of planners and time is the best teacher. I wouldn’t change one bit.

You joke about your husband being sick of your blog but what does your husband think of the blog in real life? Is he supportive? Does he enjoy making content with you?
Haha! He’s a really private person but he married into a family who believes in extreme oversharing. He never in his wildest dreams imagined isolating that one person would result into oversharing with 60000 people now. Thus, the annoyed expressions whenever I try to include him in the blog. However, I know he secretly loves the attention and the fact that I flaunt him proudly to the world. He is extremely supportive in shooting my content. He’s the one who encouraged me by taking pictures with literally every coloured wall while travelling. He is quite a wiz behind the camera. He knows the blog means a lot to me emotionally and he has always encouraged me to make this a full-time paid thing. I have never been able to do that due to my own hesitations. However, the minute I ask him to come in front of the camera he gets uncomfortable. So I never ask him to do something that I know I would be overstepping his boundaries. So him being featured is mostly nonconsensual. It’s just how it works.

What advice do you have for girls that are trying to become bloggers or influencers?
Please be genuine and real. There is so much need for original content and genuineness to break the cycle of ridiculous societal pressures of unrealistic body standards that are just so toxic. Follow your heart, don’t get sucked into the numbers game and you will connect with your crowd right on!

Zain Hashmi’s Collection encapsulates couture pieces that reflect each bride’s personality. There is a sea of dreamy tones and extensive handwork techniques spotted in his work that is sure to satisfy every bride’s vision. Their men’s formal line features an exclusive signature colour palette and rich textures.

Label/Designer: Zain Hashmi
Models: Kiran Ghazi & Munsif Ali Khan
Photography: Stopstyle
PR & Coordination: Shamail Butt
Hair & Make up: Saima Rashid Bargfrede

We asked our favourite celebrities their New Year Resolutions along with the best & worst part of the past year. Here’s what they had to say…

Zarrar Khan

To encourage people. Encouraging people to be better versions of themselves and take on more responsibility. The best part of the past year has to be finally going back some sort of normalcy. The small act of going to restaurants and sharing a meal with friends means so much. The worst has to be dealing with passing of a couple of friends and coming to terms with loss.

Mahnur Haider

My resolution is to cut ties with anyone and everyone with bad and negative vibes. I am not letting anyone disturb my chakras this year or the years to follow! The past year has been very fruitful for me in terms of work and growth. The worst parts were definitely Covid, Dengue, smog anything and everything that has put us in masks.

Juggun Kazim

My New Year’s resolution is to remember that life is short and that I need to cherish every moment I’m given on this earth and to spend my time, my one wild and precious life, with the people I love and who mean the most to me. The best part of the year was my returning to work after taking time off from work for the birth of my daughter, Noorbano. I’m doing a morning show with A+ now and a game show in the evenings. But the highlight of work for me this year was the launch of my organic skincare and haircare brand, Nur. The worst part of the year was losing my father-in-law. I called him Daddy because my father died when I was young and Daddy was, in so many ways, the father that I never had. Daddy was wise and wonderful and always, always loving. I miss him so much.

Fahad Hussayn

My new year resolve is to work on myself more and to learn better. The best part of this past year was the relaunch of my brand and the worst part has been all the losses that me and the people close to me have seen.

Maheen Kardar

I don’t really believe in New Year resolutions but mine would be to be more mindful, enjoy my kids, and get back into a sustainable work out routine. The best part of the year was all the new friends, opportunities and travels that came my way, the worst was definitely my father being very unwell.

Rehmat Ajmal

My New Year’s resolution is to allow myself to make mistakes, forgive myself and to take it easy. To learn that I don’t always have to be on top of everything. The best part of 2021 was to doing lot of self work and falling more in love with myself, worst I wouldn’t call it worst, I’d call it a unique challenge – to make a new home in a strange city, to make unfamiliar, familiar.

Dino Ali

My New Year Resolution in my work is to release music and to make more positive and fun content for others to enjoy. In my personal life to be a better brother, son, friend, human being and hopefully do even more charitable work, InshAllah.


My new year resolution is to live a life of purpose. To try and give back as much as possible and to live a life that is truly healthy; physically and emotionally. I want to focus on wellness.

Here are 8 pet stars that are making us smile!

Sana and Kaia G.G (Golden Girl)

Breed: Golden Retriever
Favourite activity to do together: Cuddle & play catch

Kaia is the sweetest, smartest and the most attentive dog ever; she picks up on everyone’s moods and behaves accordingly. Also, she’s freakishly good with cameras — whenever you pull out your phone to take a picture of her, she’d stop whatever she’s doing and start posing. She’s kind & she’s so dearly loved in our home!

Sophiya and Jiggy & Cuddles

Breed: Shih Tzu
Favourite activity to do together: Go for a walk

Both my babies have opposite personalities and I love them both for it. Jiggy is super intelligent and responsive, he picks up tricks through training super fast! Cuddles is just a small ball of love, she just likes to relax and be pampered all the time. Both of them are super energetic around each other and they always keep us entertained!

Adil AND Juno and Enzo

Breed: Husky

Juno is about 10 months old and Enzo is a year and a half. I got Enzo when he was around 32 days old and Juno when she was 45 days old. We eat, sleep, run and travel together. Juno’s a typical retriever. We love going on walks, plenty of high fives and handshakes, playing fetch. Enzo, on the other hand is a typical husky. So much energy! Always running around and going for a walk is always a task. He pulls the leash, howls. He’s super picky with his food, slow eater and always looking to chase cats. If Enzo sees a cat, he’ll run a mile looking for it.

Bhindi and Oscar 

Breed: Husky
Favourite activity to do together: Go for walks and chill on the sofa together

Oscar is one of the most important things in my life to me. He’s given me joy, laughs, companionship and unlimited cuddles.

Aimen and Princess Puggles

Breed: Pug
Favourite activity to do together:

Cuddle! Although I must admit that our cuddle sessions mostly consist of me trying to hug her and her desperately attempting to get away from me.

Puggles was the first dog I ever adopted. In our 6 years together, we have seen our fair share of ups and downs: our forceful cuddle sessions, days when she would refuse to eat unless I fed her from my palm, two beautiful births, Puggles’ falling ill and being diagnosed a neurological disorder, me getting married and moving away… we’ve really seen the best and the worst together. But I wouldnt have it any other way, because through it all, she has taught me the meaning of pure, never-ending and unconditional love.

Haddiya and Hulk

Breed: Shih Tzu
Favourite activity to do together: Playing fetch!

My baby Hulk is 9 months old and he’s just like my own son. Having a pet is such a blessing. Teaches us how to love unconditionally.pop

Shireen and Bella

Your favourite activity to do together: Watching cat videos and squeaky toys videos

She’s the best birthday gift I’ve gotten. My bestie, my baby and my favourite cuddle buddy!

Meher and Dodo

Breed: Labrador
Favourite activity to do together: We love to snuggle and watch TV together

Something about my baby: She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me – she’s my therapy dog, my confidante, my best friend and my favourite pooch in the world!

We spoke to 22-year-old entrepreneur BISMA AKBAR about her latest venture, her inspiration and future plans

You’ve just launched your line of perfumes. Tell us a little about that.
Each fragrance in our line is distinct and unique. We tried to make sure that we offer fragrances for different moods and occasions. Sweet Heaven is a delicate scent, perfect for intimate dinners while Shining Mystery has earthy tones that are ideal for office and school wear.

Who is your inspiration?
I definitely take inspiration from the great design houses of the world, Cavalli, Gucci and so forth; But beyond that, I found a huge lack of authentic and local perfume brands. So I ventured to create my own.

How did this idea come into being?
I collaborated with the creative team behind Junaid Jamshed who I knew through professional interaction. They were generous enough to work with me and shared my vision.

You have so many things on your plate — designing and now this new business venture. How do you find time for everything?
I try to move away from the 24-hour grind mentality. The fact is that efficient management of time is the most important thing while ensuring health in your lifestyle. That means eating well and sleeping well. Managing clothing, denim, and now fragrances alongside my work with Master keeps my plate full but with a dedicated team and a calm mindset most things are possible.

What made you choose Waliya and Faizan for the shoot?
We wanted an approachable look to the brand. Celebrities, especially in Pakistan, become associated with all sorts of different brand images and we wanted to be more thoughtful with what we were going for. Instead of the product being spoken for by the model, it speaks for itself and is elevated by the fantastic work that Faizan and Waliya did.

Will there be other upcoming beauty products under Bisma Akbar beauty?
We hope to make this into a full beauty line. But you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

You’ve said you want to pursue politics in the future. Is that still the plan? How did an interest in politics come about?
Well, I’ve been dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister since I was a child. It has a lot to do with the unfortunate circumstances that we find our beloved country. Poverty is such a visible and distressing issue and that’s my main motivation. I’ve already decided on hopefully beginning my political career as soon as I turn 25.

Who’s your inspiration?
Definitely Benazir Bhutto. Her strength of character in the face of adversity was so inspiring and her death was a tragedy that continues to live with me. Her legacy is so important and I always think if we can even be a shadow of what she was we will be the best of Pakistan.

Do you have any regrets?
Regrets are unproductive. I’m constantly looking and moving forward but yes we all have regrets in our personal life. As far as professional life is concerned I am extraordinarily content and thankful to almighty Allah.

What would you say to young people that look up to you and might be struggling right now?
Belief is everything. Everything we do follows from our willingness to do it and our believing in it. If we don’t believe we can do something we certainly can’t. But if we strive with our person to do it then there is no way we can not achieve almost anything!

Rema Taseer looks graceful as ever in this Sana Safinaz outfit. We love her choice of feminine Pearl earrings. Her sleek ponytail and bright yellow Jacquemus bag tie the look together.

Hira is the epitome of casual chic in this look. Her comfy sweeter and knitwear pants paired with a sleek bun and white sneakers complete the look.

Baemisaal always knows how to make a statement and she does just that in this Khaadi outfit. She sparkles (quite literally) with her makeup and we’re drooling over those open back loafers!

Mehek Saeed can do no wrong and she proved that yet again in this look, perfect for fall. We’re obsessed with everything about this look — from the shades to the chunky slides — it’s a hit!

Influencer Naiha AKA rebellious brownie turns up the heat in this outfit. She pairs an oversized black blazer with ripped mom jeans and white sneakers.

Bushra Mehrunissa turns heads in this leather look. The wrap blazer and brown pants go very well together. She keeps it simple by choosing pointed black heels.

Amna Shariff jewelry, Tulin K. Design Stationery and Sadia Shariff photography came together and collaborated for an  exhibition at Amna Shariff Studio in Lahore.



Fahad Hussayn hosted his solo show Digital Janjaalpura. It was a star studded event with Ali Xeeshan, Sabeeka Imam and Tabesh Khoja in attendance.



Fashion Pakistan Lounge held their fabulous multi designer exhibit at their Lahore location. From influencers to fashion designers, the exhibit was a star studded event.



Clothing brand Beyond East launched their new store in Packages Mall with a bang. PR was handled by ARPR.



Kamiar Rokni celebrated 20 years of Kamiar Rokni with an immersive fashion presentation. The collection embodies his artistic journey in the past two decades. It was a night of fun and fashion with some of our favorite people in attendance.



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