Makeup artist Hira Khan speaks to us about the DO’s and DON’T’s of makeup

Tell us about the makeup trends for summer?

For summer I always prefer to keep my makeup look clean. Maybe a pop of color on the eyeliner to lift your look or a clean face with a bright lip color.

What are some tips to make foundation look natural during the summer?

Focus on good skin care and your foundation will always look flawless! I also believe in the less is more policy when it comes to applying foundation or concealing. Only cover the problem areas to avoid looking cakey.

How do you suggest people protect their natural skin and hair from makeup and styling?

I’m a strong advocate of being comfortable in your skin, I feel makeup should only be used to enhance not alter. Good skin care should always come first and foremost. The same goes for hair, you need to understand your skin and hair both while making a skin and hair care regime you strictly need to follow. When your skin and hair is healthy from within, you won’t even need much styling or makeup on a daily basis.

What is your go-to skincare routine?

I have a bedtime skincare regime that I always follow. I feel hydration is the key since my skin is a little dry. So my skincare consists of lots of serums and hydrating creams which I keep switching up. I believe having detox water first thing in the morning and keeping a check on your water intake through out the day does wonders. Using a sunblock also helps keep your skin healthy through out if you tend to encounter sun exposure.

What mistakes do most brides make in your opinion? If you could give the brides who come to you some advice, what would it be?

I feel most of the brides I get always want to go for glittery eyes with red lips which I in my opinion, is so cliché. I often find myself trying to convince them to go for something that is customized according to their features. I believe brides should also try to stick to the less is more policy and not go over board with makeup. It’s not essential to get heavy lashes, glittery eyes and red lips on your big day. A subtle smoked out matte eye makeup with muted lips can look so classy too.

What challenges have you faced as an MUA in Pakistan?

I think the constant obsession with looking fairer and expecting makeup artists to literally perform the job of a cosmetic surgeon is the number one struggle. People often tend to forget that makeup is not meant to alter but enhance. We can contour and give illusions but we can’t alter. Beauty makeup has its boundaries and people need to understand that.

What consists of your every day makeup kit?

My eyebrow kit, mascara and a lip tint.

What are your top 5 foundations?

I don’t have any top picks for foundations because I feel there’s just so much variety in skin types and foundations both. I always recommend people to pick the right shade and undertone according to their skin tone. Go for a foundation that suits your skin type/texture. My personal favourite that suits my skin is the Dior Forever Foundation.


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