April 16-30 2022


Socialite and influencer Alizeh Rabbani takes us inside her closet

How would you describe your personal style?

Whatever I’m comfortable in. I can never step out wearing something that is not true to my inherent aesthetic.

Your favourite fashion designer?

I have many but off the top of my head: Rizwan Beyg and DVF.

Do you believe in sustainable fashion? Have you changed your wardrobe to make it more sustainable in recent years?

Yes! I’ve recently enlightened myself a lot on fast fashion and their carbon footprint share. So now when I shop I try very hard to not fall prey to impulse itches and trends and only get classic and timeless pieces. I’m not entirely there yet but trying my best. Even for my second baby, I made a conscious effort to recycle my elder son’s clothes especially since babies grow at the speed of light and hardly get to wear their clothes.

What, in your opinion, are must-have items that are essential to a great closet?

A nice pair of jeans, a white shirt, a good pair of sunglasses.

Where in Pakistan do you love to shop?

I love all lots of brands, but the place that gets me most excited is Lahore Center!

What is the oldest item in your closet?

My grandmother’s jewelry.

Your most prized possession?

Nothing. I never get too attached to any of my things. For me things have zero emotional value.

Your favourite accessory?

My signet ring and my tennis bracelet.

What item in your closet makes you cringe?

Haha I have many “what was I thinking” items; but my gold metallic Oxford brogues top the list.

We sat down with the boys of Barwan Khiladi to find out more about their friendship, their experience on set and their hobbies.

What was it like working on Barwan Khiladi?

SJ: It was my first feature web series therefore it will go down in my acting career as one to remember. From film-making to acting, there was a lot to learn on the sets of Barwaan Khiladi.

Where can people see the web series?

KS: People can watch it on the Tapmad app or website.

What was it like being on set? Were you guys nervous? Excited?

SJ: I was so excited to start this web series. I remember always waking up excited knowing I’m living the dream. I just never wanted it to end.

ZK: The first day was a mixture of excitement but a lot of nerves. It got really easy from there onwards because the energy on set was so supportive and fun!

KS: Super exciting. There was just so much happening and I tried to absorb all of that like a sponge. You learn a lot if you have an outlook like that.

Tell us about a funny incident on set.

SJ: There were a lot of funny moments on the sets, especially the ones with Ali, our co-actor who was playing Captain’s role in this web series. One day, upon not getting the food of his choice (which was BBQ btw), Ali decided to open all the biryani boxes that were brought in for everyone and ate all of the chicken from them.

Are the three of you close in real life also?

SJ: All of us have become good friends ever since we worked together. Although some of us knew each other from before as well.

What do you guys like to do on days that you’re off from work?

SJ: I barely get any time off from work, but when I do, it’s usually spent with friends and family. All of it. I cherish every moment that I get off.

ZK: I like to go get a good workout in, cook myself a nice meal and invite my boys over for a fun sesh!

KS: I like to catch up on some Netflix and try to spend some time with my family and friends.

What advice would you give to aspiring young actors?

ZK: Be prepared for really long hours! You have to really put in the work, it’s not as easy as it looks from the outside.

Photography: Mohsin Khawar
Wardrobe: Rastah
Hair & makeup: N Gents

Makeup artist Hira Khan speaks to us about the DO’s and DON’T’s of makeup

Tell us about the makeup trends for summer?

For summer I always prefer to keep my makeup look clean. Maybe a pop of color on the eyeliner to lift your look or a clean face with a bright lip color.

What are some tips to make foundation look natural during the summer?

Focus on good skin care and your foundation will always look flawless! I also believe in the less is more policy when it comes to applying foundation or concealing. Only cover the problem areas to avoid looking cakey.

How do you suggest people protect their natural skin and hair from makeup and styling?

I’m a strong advocate of being comfortable in your skin, I feel makeup should only be used to enhance not alter. Good skin care should always come first and foremost. The same goes for hair, you need to understand your skin and hair both while making a skin and hair care regime you strictly need to follow. When your skin and hair is healthy from within, you won’t even need much styling or makeup on a daily basis.

What is your go-to skincare routine?

I have a bedtime skincare regime that I always follow. I feel hydration is the key since my skin is a little dry. So my skincare consists of lots of serums and hydrating creams which I keep switching up. I believe having detox water first thing in the morning and keeping a check on your water intake through out the day does wonders. Using a sunblock also helps keep your skin healthy through out if you tend to encounter sun exposure.

What mistakes do most brides make in your opinion? If you could give the brides who come to you some advice, what would it be?

I feel most of the brides I get always want to go for glittery eyes with red lips which I in my opinion, is so cliché. I often find myself trying to convince them to go for something that is customized according to their features. I believe brides should also try to stick to the less is more policy and not go over board with makeup. It’s not essential to get heavy lashes, glittery eyes and red lips on your big day. A subtle smoked out matte eye makeup with muted lips can look so classy too.

What challenges have you faced as an MUA in Pakistan?

I think the constant obsession with looking fairer and expecting makeup artists to literally perform the job of a cosmetic surgeon is the number one struggle. People often tend to forget that makeup is not meant to alter but enhance. We can contour and give illusions but we can’t alter. Beauty makeup has its boundaries and people need to understand that.

What consists of your every day makeup kit?

My eyebrow kit, mascara and a lip tint.

What are your top 5 foundations?

I don’t have any top picks for foundations because I feel there’s just so much variety in skin types and foundations both. I always recommend people to pick the right shade and undertone according to their skin tone. Go for a foundation that suits your skin type/texture. My personal favourite that suits my skin is the Dior Forever Foundation.

Alyza turns heads in this casual chic outfit. Her oversized mom jeans are on point. She pairs them with a crisp white cropped top. She accessorizes with a Gucci belt and white sneakers. We are living for this look!

Style star Neha Maneka turns heads in these tan matching separates. She pairs the outfit with orange pointy heels and an orange clutch. Her beachy waves make this the perfect summer look.

Syra looks so stunning in this eastern outfit. She wears a yellow floral kameez with an absolutely gorgeous cutwork organza dupatta. Syra keeps her hair and makeup simple but adds a pop of colour to the outfit with her choice of heels.

Zara exudes elegance in this Hira Ali Studio peshwas. The cut, colour and fabric all make the outfit stand out. We especially love her slicked back bun and bold red lip.

Zainab is the epitome of casual chic. Sweatsuits are so trendy right now and Zainab does justice to them. She pairs hers with a black leather bomber, a mini Dior saddle bag and black sneakers. We are obessed with her monochrome look.

We love Fatima’s summer look. She pairs a collared cropped top with flared jeans that are all the rage right now. She wears the Hermes Oran Sandal in white and keeps her hair straight. We love it!

Tara Uzra Dawood celebrated her birthday amongst friends and family in Karachi.



Bisma Akbar launched her gorgeous new couture collection alongside her new fragrance line. There was a special appearance by Hania Amir.



Allure By MHT exhibited their fabulous new jewellery collection at FPL.



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