National Furnishers has been established since 1970, with the aim of manufacturing exceptional quality furniture and is now regarded as an image of excellence. They offer a wide choice of hand-carved and straight line furniture in Sheesham (Rosewood) and Walnut wood for both household and commercial use. More than 600 dedicated artisans manufacture high-quality furniture on our 16000 sq. m production area, under the dynamic guidance of our brilliant and skilled team of specialists.

National Furnishers has been established since 1970, manufacturing exceptional quality furniture, and is now regarded as an image of excellence. Tell us a bit about your journey and how did you got interested in furniture design?

As our family is into furniture design since the 1970s that makes me more passionate about  furniture design.

Furniture design often involves balancing aesthetics with functionality. How do you approach creating pieces that are both visually appealing and practical for everyday use?

Designing furniture that strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality requires a thoughtful and holistic approach. Some key principles and considerations to keep in mind are understanding user needs, functional requirements, ergonomics, material selection, aesthetics, harmony, versatility, innovation, creativity, sustainability, user-friendly features, feedback and Iteration. The most successful furniture designs seamlessly integrate from creating pieces that are not only visually appealing but also enhance the daily lives of those who use them.

Sustainability is a growing concern. How do you incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials into your designs to create environmentally-conscious furniture pieces?

We never stop learning and researching eco-friendly designs. This  is an evolving field, and staying informed about the latest advancements and best practices is crucial for creating furniture that aligns with sustainability goals.

Customisation is essential to meet individual client needs. How do you approach tailoring your designs to match clients’ specifications and preferences while maintaining your design integrity?

We have standard sizes but we offer a huge variety of designs from which our customers can choose from and we help them create a customised look of their furniture pieces.

Can you discuss your experience with selecting appropriate materials for different furniture pieces and how you ensure durability, comfort, and safety in your designs?

We as a team do a lot of research on material fabrics. We learn and adopt new trends as we always believe in experimentation.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

Woods like sheesham and Teak Wood.

What are some of your most memorable projects?

For me most memorable is high land . It was a project in which I played around with the scale and experimented with material as well.

What challenges do you find in furniture design?

There is no copyright and there are very  few furniture designers who are actually certified in this field.

What are the biggest trends in furniture design right now?

I think biggest trends in furniture design right now is  Morden open pore furniture.

Can you share your passion for furniture design and your approach to staying current with design trends, industry innovations, and emerging technologies?

As my family was associated with furniture design that was a basic key towards my passion. I went to Buckinghamshire New University where I studied furniture design and since then my passion for furniture design has been unstoppable. We never stop researching and exploring due to which we stay very informed with design trends and the furniture industry.

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