Ayesha, with a background in fine arts, operates a home-based cake company, “ Little Pleasures Artisan Cakes”, where she crafts the most scrumptious, breathtaking and intricately designed cakes that are almost surreal in their beauty.

What sparked your interest in baking and decorating cakes, especially themed ones?

As a fine arts student my whole life, I wanted to bring something new to Pakistan. When I launched Little Pleasures in 2012, now almost 12 years old, the concept of artistic and themed cakes was relatively unknown in Pakistan. My goal was to popularize this idea and make it a trend, which I successfully achieved.

Can you describe the most challenging cake you’ve ever made? What was the theme, and how did you approach it?

The most challenging cake was the Nun’s head on a rod cake. It was an hyper-realistic chopped off nun’s head on a iron rod. I know, even its description seems jaw-dropping.

How do you stay updated with current trends in cake design and baking techniques?

I have been on a hunt for new techniques and recipes developing and I have been around the world meeting and learning from new cake artists. I have built a community of some very talented artists from dubai, France, India and Russia. Keeping up with them and their art helps me stay updated with trends and happenings in the Cake business around the world.

Walk me through your creative process when designing a themed cake. Where do you draw inspiration from?

Something I firmly believe in not doing is copying other artists work. So when a customer comes to me with reference picture of a cake they want, I ask them to add customisation or let me design their cake with personalised elements. That is how I start designing every cake and end up with something artistic, personalised and unique.

What ingredients or tools do you find indispensable when creating your cakes?

Sugar and an off set spatula. I just cannot work without these two products.

Can you share a memorable story about a cake you’ve made for a special occasion or event?

Made this fully customised cake for a returning customer for his wife. He requested to carve their wedding vows on the cake and it turned out to be so beautiful and magical.

What techniques do you use to ensure the structural integrity of your cakes, especially when dealing with intricate designs?

Our work hours are from 12-5pm. As a home based business, we take our work hours extremely seriously, and that is how we manage orders.

What is your favorite part of the cake-making process, and why?

My favorite part of the cake-making process is definitely the final result. Achieving that perfect cake is incredibly satisfying and rewarding for me.

How do you approach customer requests for custom-themed cakes? How do you ensure their vision is realized?

We sketch out their orders, select colour palette and elements. We respect all of their requests, whether it’s easy to incorporate in one cake or not. We make sure we find a way to add everything they are asking for.

Have you ever experimented with unconventional ingredients or designs in your cakes? What was the result?

Acrylic cake was a success, we made this glass shine cake using gelatin sheet technique and it ended up looking like an artificial glass jar. It was beautiful and looked surreal.

Where do you see yourself in your baking career in the next 5 years?

In a cake shop, of course!

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