November 16-30-2023


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Tell us about your background and your journey to becoming a maternity and baby photographer and what inspired you to specialise in this family + maternity/newborn photography?

Even though I had always been passionate about photography it was only when I had my first born, Zaynah that I wanted to pursue it. The purpose at the time was to take the best pictures of her. Slowly as people began appreciating my work I began to think this could be something more than just a hobby. At the time I was also on a career break so I was looking for something that I could pursue professionally while not spending too much time away from her. As I began the journey I tried multiple genres but it was always family and children portraits that pulled my heart.

As a photographer, how do you hold space for mama and baby during these most sacred times of birth and the fourth trimester? What sort of presence do you offer your clients?

I provide a very calm and relaxing environment. My natural light studio is like walking into a familiar home where you will feel instant ease. There are no daunting lights or a team of people watching over. It’s just me and my assistant. I make sure everyone who walks through my door is met with warmth and a ton of patience.

What makes a successful maternity, newborn & baby photographer?

Experience is mainly what makes you successful and being a mother yourself is a bonus.  One really has to feel the beauty of these moments to be able to capture them wholly.

How do you prepare for a newborn photography session? And what equipments are needed for this shoot?

Being well rested is the number one priority for me. Newborn photography takes time and patience. Since my style is more lifestyle I don’t need to prep much as I don’t have any fancy props. I rely on parents mostly as that’s where I feel babies should be. A good camera and a lens is all you need.

How do you ensure baby safety during the shoot of a newborn?

I do baby lead posing so nothing is ever forced on the baby. Like each person, every baby is different so we just need to be mindful of that.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started your career as a maternity and baby photographer?

To invest in educating myself with a family photographer I admired as early as possible.

Can you describe your photography style?

My style is lifestyle, modern and timeless. As far as I am aware, I am the only one in Pakistan providing specialised family portraits with this aesthetic.

If we were to peek in your camera bag, what would we find?

My go to lense sigma 35mm, a Nikon zoom 35-70. My Nikon Z6ii. A flash (which I hardly use)  and maybe some tissues and a pair of socks (I like to shoot barefoot when indoors)

What are the biggest challenges of your profession?

Family photography in Pakistan is still a very new concept. People don’t take it seriously, mostly who do have visited me and realise the joy of it. But for most it feels like too much investment and so the market is limited. But after a decade I think I have been able to bring some awareness that these family moments are fleeting and most parents like me regret not taking enough pictures with their children.

What are some tips for parents looking to do a newborn, maternity and family shoot?

Firstly it’s to make sure you like the photographer’s style. Then it’s important to communicate what you expect from your session. The rest is to have fun. Photographers can try and do their best to make your pictures perfect but unless you are not having fun it won’t shine through.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

I love this question, I often think about it. Obviously it has to be creative. When I was in primary school in London I loved my woodwork class and I always thought what if I had stayed there maybe I would be creating furniture. Interior designing is also another, I spend countless hours looking at home interiors. I think I got it from my Mama. At one point I wanted to have my own cooking show haha. So yeah I think basically I love being creative.

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